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   The Big Diabetes Lie

Most Type 2 Diabetics Can Reverse

This Serious Condition


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    No Exhaustive Exercise Schedules.
         No Dramatic Lifestyle Changes.

  Lose about 20 lbs in 20 days naturally.

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New information on the following:

1   Daily menu examples of the foods for those on type 2 diabetes reversal.

  Check out on this page below.
Type 2 Reversed Info Daily Food Control Management

2   New info on the devastating effects of accelerated sugar bacteria in saliva causing serious mouth, gum, and teeth infections in T2diabetics.
Help in how to treat this condition at this page below.

 Diabetic Mouth Bacteria Infection Problems

3   How you can avoid Type 2 Diabetes affecting your relationships on this page below.
How To Avoid Diabetes Ruining Your Love and Sex Life

And so much more FREE Help,
Advice,Tips and Hints to help you to reverse your T2diabetes and remain clear of T2diabetes.

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Easy Recipes for Diabetics

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How you can lower blood sugar

April 30th 2018  New

Avocado found to be Miracle fruit for

type 2 diabetics

Your easy recipes for diabetics should now include Avocado.

Easy recipes for diabetics includes Avocado fruit to your diabetes control diet regularly it can help control diabetes in your daily struggle of how to control type 2 diabetes and control diabetes weight.

Avocados are low in carbohydrates and won’t cause blood sugar spikes, according to medical website Healthline.

If you have type 2 diabetes adding avocado to your diet may help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, and increase insulin sensitivity,”said Healthline.

The healthy fat in avocados, called monounsaturated fat, can also help your body use insulin more effectively.”

The fruit may also boost your insulin sensitivity,it said.

Part of what makes avocados a good choice for people with diabetes is that, although they are low in carbs, they are high in fibre.

While the fruit is high in fat, it’s the good type of fat that benefits diabetes patients.

Healthy fats in avocado help you to feel fuller for longer. That means you’re less likely to snack on extra calories.

If you have type 2 diabetes, adding avocado to your diet may help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, and increase insulin sensitivity,” said Healthline.

Diabetes type 2 symptoms: Prevent high blood sugar with avocado in diet.

January 2018

Our New Page of
Herbal Diabetic Remedies

The latest research shows the benefits of of certain Natural Herbal Remedies

Our new page list the 12 herbs to have proven results in lowering blood sugars

January 2018 News

      Easy Recipes for Diabetics

                 Latest Herbal Diabetic News

                              New Study finds that Bitter Lemon

The green cucumber shaped fruit with a wart like surface not only helps reduce blood sugar levels but helps in treating cancer.

Did you know that hundreds and hundreds of drugs and medicines used today have been developed from plants roots tree barks and leaves.Many originate as ancient herbal remedies,the bark of a tree brought by priests in the 1600s from Peru is Quinine.The common Aspirin developed from the Willow tree and hundreds more. Check out our latest page on Herbal Diabetic Remedies for lowering your blood sugar levels to reverse your T2 diabetes.

Easy Recipes for Diabetics

January 2019 News

I am now into my 4th year of being FREE of T2diabetes after 9yrs of being T2 diabetic I am in long term remission, I have reversed T2d and free of the curse that kills you 20 yrs before your time.

My new website  is dedicated to helping others to do what I have done,that is to lower your blood sugar levels to below the level of being diabetic by easy changes to what and how you eat and simple exercises starting with an extra few minutes.

Do you know that by adding just a little more fibre in your diet it slows the rate of sugar is absorbed which can lower BS levels,and with just 10 minutes exercise like walking briskly you can begin the journey to reverse your T2 diabetes.

Check out more Free info to make your start. 

Earlier History below

My latest Blood sugar results confirm I am no longer diabetic and my diabetic medical team want to sign me of the diabetic register.

It is now over 2 years since I reduced my BS levels to below the diabetic range, I am now used to living my life without the constant worry of the problems associated with diabetes. The day to day concerns about how much sugar is in the foods I eat daily are over,however I am always aware of the food content of what I am eating and careful to watch for foods with excess sugar and little fiber in them.

Since I was able to reverse my diabetes I have had many requests from other diabetics on how they too can lower their blood sugar levels and reverse T2Diabetes and I have been able show them the guidelines I used to remain free of the diabetes curse.

There are now a number of reliable diabetic medical doctors who have successfully proved Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed with the correct change of lifestyle program. It is just a shame food manufacturers don't realise there is a huge market  with almost a third of all Americans are diabetic waiting for specialist foods that will help rid folks of T2diabetes.

I am doing my bit to help those who want to get rid of T2 diabetes,

I put together a new website

Concentrating on all aspects of lowering blood Sugar levels to below diabetes levels and reversing the curse of T2diabetes, although there are still many that argue you can't reverse the disease its only in remission.

Call it what you like I won't argue what its called. but if my blood sugar is stabilized and remains below the diabetic level and my expert diabetic medical team say I am no longer diabetic call it what you like I am still free of the curse of diabetes.

So my new website will have easy everyday recipes for those intent to getting below and remaining below that of a diabetic, along with graduating exercises designed to be of benefit for those trying to become non diabetic and remain so.

Including reviews of those successful Type 2 Diabetes reversal and lifestyle change programs as well as the information you need to keep to a lifestyle so you can achieve and remain non diabetic.

My new e-book is all about just what you can do to achieve non diabetic status and is being prepared and should be ready shortly.

It contains the 6 easy but essential steps you need to take to reverse T2diabetes.

For those who are serious and want to take action now to begin the process to lower your blood sugar and commit yourself to become non diabetic you will need to register your email and request

Easy Recipes for Diabetics

Latest diabetic medical results  confirm that not only is my T2diabetes is continuing to remain below the diabetic range.

Further GREAT NEWS the test results confirm marked  improvements in all major organs including lower cholesterol levels.

My T2diabetes reversal remains stable well below a diabetic level.

I am still FREE of Diabetes

 After I was diagnosed as diabetic and after seeing on Google what T2diabetes would lead to I knew I had to try and reduce  my sugar levels or suffer what this chronic disease could have in store for me.

I tried some so called cures for my diabetes curse a couple did reduce my sugar somewhat but the strenuous exercising after a days work and the expensive dieting just exhausted.

The starvation program 2 days no food and reduced,low cal diet made me so hungry I couldn't sleep properly which in turn meant I was then too tired to work properly.So those were a failure for me.

But I had a theory that if my body used more energy than the food I ate produce I must eventually start burning off the excess sugar and then the fat my body had stored over the years.

I know most readers are not interested in how but only when the results of my experiments started to produce lower sugar  results.

I realized also that for any diet or food plan to work for me that program would have to fit in with my normal daily life,my work,my family life and my social life. I have reduced many of the sugary foods cakes candies pastries tinned foods with added sugars artificial colorings and flavorings.My program is meant to be part of your daily it has to be adjustable and not restrictive, forgiving and pliable enough to be able to allow me time for a social occasion even a few days break from the program without causing set backs.

I now had a kind of Jigsaw picture in my mind, all the pieces were ingredient and parts of the jigsaw I just had to put them all together to make the picture that would work this I have now completed and I am free of diabetes.

Just how I have achieved this I will share with you in what I have called My Pathway to Freedom  from Type 2 Diabetes.

Easy Recipes for Diabetics

How I reversed my T2diabetes is as follows the are four main tier1 stages.

These are as follows:


         The mindset and commitment.Type2diabetes does not occur overnight it is the build up and storing in our bodies the excess sugar and  fat we don't use up that is within many of the proceeded foods we eat in our everyday foods we eat these days.This excess sugar and fat starts to build up in our bodies clogging up organs until they work less efficiently and begin to fail and you have Type2 diabetes.The medication for this chronic disease only tries to keep diabetes in check ut the disease id progressive so you require more and stronger medication until even with medication the disease progresses and the medication no longer is effective and a pitiful end is not far away after bits of you have been cut off.

So you need  a mindset only you can decide onto beat this dreadful condition no matter what.Then you need the commitment  to see it through until you have succeeded.

The protocol I use is not restrictive it allow for time out,in that you can have a day or two off from the program and have a treat,not a binge but a treat. I eat many of those items I am not supposed to eat but I am selective and I never over do it.


Is meal Planning not a diet but a different way of eating that will guide me for the rest of my life if I want to stay free of diabetes.

Is about what you eat.How much you eat,and the Types of food you eat. First you have to cut out all added sugars that are contained in many of the foods we buy.

Then I began to reduce many of the sugary foods cakes candies pastries tinned foods with added sugars artificial colorings and flavorings. Not all at once but slowly over time so you body gets used to a slow reduction and then does not react negatively.

Sugary canned drinks and many of the processed fruit drinks.White refined flour breads are gone as are normal potatoes gone but I do occasionally eat wholemeal seeded breads.

The you have to look at and reduce some of the processed foods you buy, check the labels for added sugars salts flavorings and additives you don't need so change to a heather option.

Next is controlling the carbohydrates you consume  simple carbs like those in white bread are quickly absorbed into your body as sugar,change for the wholemeal option,the same goes for ordinary potatoes change if you need to sweet potatoes they contain essential fibers which scrape through your system slower cleaning process using more energy to digest.

Sugar starts to get used up first then the Fat starts to reduce and this is were you start to see the the benefits you begin to lose weight naturally.

Stage 3

More physical exercises many of our organs are muscles and require to be exerted used with physical exercise or the wither and loose straighten and ability to function as the can function

My blood sugar is below that of a diabetic and lower than even the pre diabetic stage.

But I know that first of all it taken time cleanse away the years of sugar and fat that had built up in my body so I have concerns when I see someone claiming you can reduce T2 diabetes in 12 days.  

With my program you do it all slowly so you and your body adapts and get used to small changes and you get so used to these marginal alterations that there is so little effort involved you do not notice you are changing the way you live almost without realizing it is that easy.

Stage 4

Managing Type2 diabetes reversal for the rest of your life is next.

It will take me a little time to put it together but over the next few months I will be putting this free information on this website explaining how I did it.

  Check out this website weekly to see Type2 reversal Tips and Hints

NO Fancy and expensive diet foods.

No days starving yourself.

No exhaustive physical training regimes.

In fact there has been so little change in my lifestyle. I have hardly noticed any real changes in the foods I eat.

Just a few tweaks here and there.

Easy Recipes for Diabetics

If you want to know how I reversed my Type2 Diabetes.
Contact me for my for what I call
My Free Pathway to Reversing Type 2
It will cost you Anything
but Commitment and Determination

Contact requesting
 the Pathway to how Don reversed his
Type 2 Diabetes
  Its FREE No Catches.

Easy Recipes for Type 2 Diabetics and Other Special Health Needs

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Easy Recipes for Diabetics

Enjoy these easy recipes lower your sugar so that you can enjoy a wide variety of tasty meals, drinks and snacks  in your home that is allergy-free.

Easy Recipes for Special Diets

Managing Diabetes with Amazing Easy Recipes for Diabetics

There are no hard and fast rules that you must follow when managing Type 2 diabetes, nerve or other digestive problems. Rather than focusing on following a diabetic diet, think about following a healthy diabetic lifestyle. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods forever, but you do need to come up with diabetic-friendly versions of those foods or use them as occasional treats.

One thing you definitely don’t need to do as a diabetic is give up delicious meals and snacks. Your food should burst with flavor just as it did prior to your decision to take care of your health. This website is going to make it easy for you to find diabetic-friendly recipes that will please your taste buds just as much as your blood sugar level.  In addition, you can cook to prepare one meal that everyone can eat without the need to prepare one special meal for those with issues, but instead make recipes that everyone can eat and enjoy.

Easy Recipes for Diabetics

We  invite all our visitors to make their comments below on what more they would like us to include to make any improvements they would like to see on this site's increasing community.

Further see below at the end of this page we invite you to send us your original or favorite recipe,diabetic tips even your cooking disasters.

            Add Your Original Tips, Recipes and Cooking Hints.

Have you a comment to make or idea to share? 

                   Do you think we can improve if so tell us


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Diabetic Cooking Basics

Easy Recipes for Diabetics

You don’t cook for a diabetic any different than you cook for every other member of your family. There are no special foods or products just for diabetics. In fact, a healthy diabetic diet is focused on fresh vegetables, lean meats and controlled amounts of complex carbohydrates. If someone who doesn’t have diabetes follows this type of diet, they will find it much easier to maintain a healthy body weight and will reduce their chances of developing diabetes and other diseases.

If you don’t know how to create meals that incorporate a lot of vegetables or you are used to drowning your vegetables in fatty cheese sauce, butter and other unhealthy ingredients, this site will show you new cooking methods. As you try out different diabetic recipes, you will start to pick up new techniques that bring out the natural flavors in your food.

Make It a Family Affair

Family Eating Together

The easy  recipes for diabetics on this website are not just for diabetics. They are well-balanced, healthy meals that offer intense flavor. These are the type of recipes that you can make for your entire family, knowing that what you put on the table will protect and nourish your loved ones. Since the healthy ingredients are infused with flavor, you will find diabetic recipes that even your pickiest eater enjoys.

As you become more comfortable cooking diabetic-friendly meals, try to adjust some of your family’s favorite recipes to incorporate healthier ingredients. Use some of the cooking techniques featured in some of your favorite diabetic recipes to recreate family favorites. Before long, you will have a healthy collection of recipes that cater to the health of everyone you love.

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Drink Recipes

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