3 Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Quickly

3 Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Quickly When Your Blood Sugar Levels Get Too High.



  • 3 Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Quickly. But you have to engage in exercising that gets your muscles working harder and get the heart pumping faster than normal. For example, you can walk for exercise, but it must be at a fast enough to get the heat rate up more that usual.


  • My Cheeky Tip
  • If I can sing or whistle ( quietly of course ) while I am walking I know not walking fast enough for the exercise to be of benefit.


  • No 2  ways to lower blood sugar quickly of the Drink Water:

  • Drinking more water will help your bodies kidneys release more urine and therefore blood glucose. Try to drink up to 3 liters of water each day. However check with your medical team first, you should not drink excessive amounts of water if you have heart or kidney problems.


  • No 3 of ways to lower blood sugar quickly,Eat a high-protein snack
  • It may seem somewhat odd to eat to lower blood sugar, high-protein foods can help to stabilize blood sugar. It’s important to only choose food contains mainly protein — not simple carbohydrates that turn quickly into sugar. Examples include about 8 to 10 whole almonds  or a thick piece of chicken or turkey.
  •  Note. Of cause you should not ignore your medication, these methods will not lower your blood sugar as fast as insulin will.


Charting Blood Sugar


Always talk to your doctor about your diabetic blood sugar levels and when you should seek medical attention, and take  NO actions  before you have had medical advice first about the 3 Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Levels Quickly about .


  Here are a few general guidelines about blood sugar ranges:


Less than 100 mg/dL: You can consider eating a small snack with about 15 grams of carbs to keep your blood sugar from getting too low. Examples include a half cup of fruit juice, a small piece of fruit, or four crackers. Glucose tabs are also a good choice.


  • 100 to 160 mg/dL: It could be your doctor tells you otherwise, but normally this is a good average range for your blood sugar.


  • 180 to 250 mg/dL: When you are getting  this close to the danger zone for higher blood sugar levels. Consider some of the tips for lowering your blood sugar level.
  • If you’re about to exercise, this is an acceptable range.


  • 250 mg/dL or higher: Check your urine for ketones using a  dipstick If ketones are present, you need to call your doctor to see if you need to seek medical attention.

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