Lamb Leg Recipe - Slow Cooked and Delicious

 Lamb Leg Recipe - Slow Cooked and Delicious

Lamb Shank

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank with Vegetables

Without a doubt Lamb Leg is very popular world wide,with this version of cooking lamb nothing is wasted as the meat almost falls off the bone,the gentle slow cooking ensures all the flavour is not lost and the meat is very tasty with a hint stickiness that makes you want more.

SLOW COOK Six Hour Leg of Lamb

Ingredients for theslow cooked Lamb

A 6 to 8 pound bone-in leg of lamb. (we usually buy Lamb leg around 5 lbs each, so I slow cook it for 5 1/2 hours.)

1 cup dry white wine.

2 cups beef stock.

2 bay leaves.

2 teaspoons dried mixed herbs.

5 garlic cloves peeled and crushed.

1 cup chopped canned peeled tomatoes, juices reserved.

8 small white onions, or a total of 1 1/2lbs of onions.

6 carrots, cut into thick sticks.

6 small turnips are best,peeled and cut in halves.

Set your oven on high heat.

Do not cut away any fat within the leg meat,you need to leave a small layer of fat.

Season lamb with salt and pepper and place in roasting pan.

Check the lamb leg in your pan when the heated fat begins to appear on the surface of the meat that looks like brown spots after about 5-10 minutes.

Turn the meat over using a towel to take hold by the leg bone and cook the other side for 5-10 minutes.

Transfer lamb leg to a baking tray or tin foil sheet.

Turn down oven to 120c/275 F, and place on a rack in lower third of the oven.

Carefully pour off excess fat from the roasting pan, and be careful not to discard the meat juices and brown residue.

Place a pan on a high heat and add the wine, and bring to a simmering boil.

Boil until the wine is reduced by about half.

Add stock, bay leaves, thyme,garlic,and tomatoes with their juice, and bring to a boil.

Return lamb to roasting pan, lower heat to medium high, and bring liquid back up to a simmer.

Spread the onions, carrots, and turnips around the meat.

Cover your roasting pan with heavy duty foil, and place lamb in oven.

Braise for 5 to 6 hour(it will depend on how much meat there is.)

Gently turning every two hours.

If you are concerned when you check the lamb is cooking to fast and your oven to hot, turn the oven temperature down to 265 F.

Carefully transfer from the roasting pan the lamb to a serving dish.

Don't worry if the lamb is falling off the bone at this point, pour into a bowl the meat juices and fat,skim off the excess fat discard it(we like to keep it for roast potatoes an occasional treat.)

Put the meat juices into the roasting add a little water and flour to thicken juices up heat up to simmer.

Taste, and season with salt and pepper as needed.

Pour your gravy into a serving bowl.

You will not have to carve the meat - it will be so tender.

Simply serve your meat using a fork or spoon on to a hot plate pour your gravy over meat and vegetables.

Remember Slow Roast Lamb goes well with roast potatoes and you could cook these at the same time as the lamb but only for 1 hour or so.

You can also add some additional steamed vegetables to accompany this dish for other great flavor combinations.

Serves 6

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