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About Me Once a Diabetic Not Anymore it is now about 10 years now since I was shocked when it was confirmed I was diabetic. Nor had I any idea what Type 2 diabetes was. There were no symptoms that would have caused me to think there was anything wrong with me.

I certainly was not ill. I exercised regular we ate healthy food



About Me Don Once a Diabetic But Not Anymore. Hooray!

Reduce alcohol intake

In retrospect perhaps I did perhaps drink more units of alcohol than is recommended and I was a touch overweight. When you have a sweet tooth and I have always found it difficult to resist some deserts, cookies, cake and sugary snacks.

Reduce granulated sugar slowly over time


But after checking Type 2 diabetes on Google, I did not like what I saw about the possible later affects of it.  I thought at least I can start to reduce some of the sweet foods to see if it could make a difference.

I researched and checked so many so called experts advice.  Most were charlatans just after making money from other peoples misery.

About Me Don Once a Diabetic Not Anymore so I put together another free  information website. It contains over 200 pages of delicious easy diabetic friendly recipes of healthy meals. At;- www.easy-special-health-recipes.com to provide easier healthier meals for those with diabetic and others with certain eating disorders.

Learn more about how

I reversed my T2Diabetes

In the last three years, there have been diabetes tests programs. Both in the US and UK that have shown that blood sugar in diabetics and can be stabilized and even reversed in some patients.

There have been claims reversal can be achieved in a matter of days. Programs consisting of a very low calorie diet and energy-burning exercising that are exhausting for a busy person. Some parts of the programs I did try to incorporate into what I called my pathway to reversing Type 2 diabetes.

That didn’t work for me. I was so hungry and I couldn’t sleep.  The exercises were so tiring.  I was to exhausted to work and I felt wrecked and weak.

Make any changes to what you eat slowly

It was a bit like going on a drastic diet.  Most can work for short term, but they not long term as they don’t allow for time out or occasional lapse.  However, I knew that if I could put together the correct programs, a planned meals, simple easy exercises. We could incorporate into an already busy daily life it could work. But they had to allow an occasional lapse still give time out, not be restrictive for my family or work. My reversal program to work would have to blend into my normal daily lifestyle without it imposing extra strain or hardship.

About Me Once a Diabetic Not Anymore early in February 2016, my own blood sugar test machine results confirmed my program had succeeded.. The lower sugar levels stayed lower and stabilized to normal.

In September 2016, my doctors surgery diabetic team’s blood tests confirmed my sugar levels were below that even of a pre-diabetic level. I had reversed my Type 2 diabetes and it had remained low and stable.

Medical tests in April 2017 confirmed my Type 2 diabetes was no more I had reversed it and maintained my non diabetic status.

I was no longer a diabetic.

About Me Once a Diabetic Not Anymore now in 2020 stable and non diabetic. I am still in remission my blood sugar levels remain normal. My program of healthier living with easy simple daily exercise is now a normal lifestyle which I can continue to live with.It adds very little to my daily life causes no difficulties or interruptions to my family, work or social lifestyle for the rest of my life. My program fits into my life without interfering in my lifestyle.

New Discoveries To Help Type 2 Diabetics

The new discoveries have classified of type 2 diabetes into four separate groups of this disease. This should enable new individual treatments to be made available for T2 diabetes sufferers. Even with this new discovery you still have Three levels to achieve before you can be free of the curse of diabetes

These are

  • You have to learn how to control your T2d isolate some of the causes that have made you a diabetic.
  • Begin the journey to reduce your sugar intake and develop food and exercise regimes.These can begin to show the results in reducing Blood Sugar levels to normal.
  • Develop the healthier lifestyle you want to continue to live with free of diabetes for the rest of your life,


About Me Don Once a Diabetic.

Not Anymore

Now I can show others about how I reversed my Type 2 diabetes.

If I can do it, you can too.

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