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September 2016

8 years ago I was diagnosed as being diabetic. I'd had not been aware of any of the symptoms of diabetes,so It was shocked when it was confirmed Type2 diabetic.  Over the last 4or 5 years I have been aware of tests in lowering blood sugar levels for those with type2.

Those that published details of how they achieved lower blood sugar I have tried. Some did have some success in lowering sugar levels but they didn't last for long. There were those who advocated  no food whatsoever for a couple of days per  I did try this method but found I just couldn't cope with the starvation I was so hungry I couldn't sleep at night and daytime I was to tired to work so that was a no no.

But all these programs did give me an idea on what I needed to put into place to reduce my blood sugar levels,and it seemed to me that if my pancreas was not producing enough insulin to process my sugar for energy, then I needed to reduce the sugar and energy levels while still leading my normal daily lifestyle.

Sounds Simple.

But it isn't or there would not be 75 million Americans suffering from type 2 diabetes.  However after 3 years of trial and error I did put together a regime that I beleived would reduce my blood sugar and that did not change my lifestyle much.

This regime consists of adding some extra types of foods to my normal meals and in the correct combination, sequence and balance.

My diet changed little  but I do eat more fibre,nuts and fruit than I used too and of course sugary things are out and I have reduced my intake of simple carbs.

Breakfast is very important for diabetics

I have listed just some of the easy breakfasts for those with Type2

About us our family and where we live, when I was thinking about what people would like to know, I was stuck about what to write about, what is interesting to write about us and the answer is not very much I'm afraid.

We are just ordinary hard working folks who have the same problems most ordinary family people have on a daily basis,we have little faith in politicians and we pay to much tax.

We think we are Mr/Mrs Average now with two grown up sons, grandchildren and a Welsh border collie we live in the North West coast area of England within walking distance of the sea close where the Riverdance Ferry was wrecked in a storm in 2008.

This area is called the Fylde Coast the major seaside towns in the area are Lytham,St Anne's Blackpool and Fleetwood.

Manchester is about 50 miles inland,and Liverpool is about the same distance south by road

World famous Royal Lytham, Golf Course

                                                               Ancient Lytham Windmill

The Royal Lytham, St Anne's golf club famous as a golf venue for the Open Golf Competition is situated in the south of the Fylde.

At the northern point of the Fylde is Fleetwood which was one of the leading fishing ports in the UK before the depletion of the fishing industry.It looks over the sands of Morecambe Bay were the speed of the tide moves so fast it over 20 cockle pickers tragically were overwhelmed by the speed of tide and died in 2004.

On sunny and clear days you have the truly superb views you can see over the sands to mountains in the lakes District it seems you can almost walk the to that special place.

                                               Blackpool Tower and its famous Ballroom

In the middle of the Fylde Coast is Blackpool the leading and most popular seaside resort in the UK with its magnificent Blackpool Tower and its buildings built in 1894 has been a magnet for families to take their children on holiday for over 100 years

Set back from the busy coastal areas is Poulton-Le-Fylde this is a picturesque original English Village Square,the old village church looks over the town square which still has the ancient Wooden Stocks this very rare feature is not used now but some say it should be used.


Its ancient Norman Church along with its original Stocks

When I was thinking about us I thought I should include this historic village it is our favorite local place to meet friends have a meal and enjoy ourselves it is gem is missed by most tourists rushing to the coast,but most of the Fylde Coast seaside resort of Blackpool.

Mainly locals people know Poulton,it has a small town centre you can just walk around to a variety of typical pubs and restaurants and of course it is the location of that Great British meal Fish and Chips.The UK take-away legend the Famous Doodles fish and chip shop is located in the town centre.

This is a local family owned business that has served over 1 000.000 customers in the Fylde area in last 30 years, most of their customers were first taken to Doodles by their parents and the reputation began, now those children take their children it has become an institution, one well known American football team always makes its way to Doodles when on their UK tours to order the Doodles special burgers they say are just the best.

It is not the rush rush of a fast food store.

Doodles is as it used to be, personal and cooked just for you,if you want Fish and Chips you get only the best Cod and Haddock and Chips cooked fresh and served in their homely restaurant of cooked while you wait for take away.

The grandchildren now bring their children for their Doodles experience almost hidden away in this tiny Old English Village of Poulton-Le Fylde.

More about us.I have told you a little of the area where we live in North West of England if you would like to know more about us or more information about this area you can contact me and I will be pleased to tell you more.

Here are a few pictures of areas close by you can drive to in minutes.

       The countryside around St Michaels over the river Wyre Bridge

                         The Countryside around Brock Bottoms

                                                                                      Bleasdale Fells

                                                                                       Grisdale Forrest

Up the coast for an hour is the Lake District

Ullswater Wild and Wonderful

Windermere Gentle Landscape

Easy Special health Recipes was came into being due to our own special health circumstances that arose first with our older son.

So we could arrange for all of us to sit down together and enjoy just one meal,the same prepared meal together as a family,rather than have to prepare two or three special and separate individual dietary meals we devised just one meal we could all eat.

We started to think about us and put together various easy, healthy and simple to prepare special recipes, after our older son returned home from abroad with a nasty stomach condition.

Later when the medical profession could offer nothing more to help us we started to experiment ourselves to find ingredients for foods and make up and prepare easy special recipes of easily digestive foods even some pre digestive food (for his difficult times)they put even less stress on a digestion.

When my husband was diagnosed with type2 diabetes we had to include special diabetic but easy recipes into our collection and our range of recipes grew.

With a some little changes we were able to incorporate my husband's and my son's diet requirements into our daily meal preparations so that we could all still enjoy our family meal times together still with delicious tasting meals like we had previously always enjoyed, cooked and prepared in the main with fresh ingredients.

I had worked at a special care baby unit and at the local Hospital's Dietetics Dept, and was trained in the nutritional preparation of Special meals for those with special dietary requirements.

I loved to cook and bake, and I was also brought up to cook by my mother and my aunties who were dedicated to teaching me all their home cooking and baking skills, which included passing on their old family recipes, herbal remedies many written in pencil on faded paper now but pasted into scrap books.

We have received a number of special health recipes, tips, and hints from well wishers who want to pass on their own information that could be of benefit to others.

We are always grateful to receive any original practical recipes, hints and tips and we will remain dedicated to passing on any information that could help others with special health requirement diets.

Still about us we intend to provide as many easy and simple to prepare tasty recipes as we can, not only for those with very special health conditions, but special dietary recipes and plans,for those who wish to pursue sports and various fitness activities irrespective of the dietary requirements involved.

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