BBQ Beer Butt Chicken the best tasting chicken method  invented

Beer Butt Chicken Recipe

Beer Butt Chicken

This is by far the most unique method of cooking a chicken yet devised,it makes the absorb the flavours in the can whether its wine,fruit juice or beer,I have heard it said Scotch is used in some of the Highlands but I prefer not in the chicken but in a glass.


Olive Oil.

Whole Chicken 4to5lbs.

Salt and fresh ground black Pepper.

Can of beer(Brown malty is best).

What kind of beer is best,we have tried many but a brown beeramild beeris hard to beat,try to use a malty brew that is low on hops.

Some beers in particulate some stout type brews are to bitter and tend to distract and overpower the taste of the chicken.

How to Make Beer Butt Chicken

Preheat your BBQ oven to 375 degrees; make sure you start at that temperature not much lower, do not put your chicken into a cold oven.

Check the temperature using an oven thermometer.

Open the can of beer; take good gulps first leaving just about half the beer in the can.

Set chicken on top of can, and insert can into the cavity of the chicken.

The chicken should be standing on its legs supported by the beer can inserted in the cavity.

Brush the chicken lightly with a little olive oil, using just enough to make the entire surface of the meat moist, but not so much that it drips off.

Season the chicken well. Sprinkle salt and freshly ground black peppers.

Place chicken on tin foil sheet curling the edges to form a shallow bowl, the chicken should appear to be sat on the beer can with the legs supporting the bird in an upright position.

Place the chicken in your bbq oven the pre-heated oven 370 degrees,to cook for 1hour at first.

Check the chicken after 1hour using a temperature probe the internal temperature should reach 180 degrees.

It takes about one ans a half hours to complete the cooking process for a 4~5lbs chicken.

Use an instant read thermometer to make sure that you do not undercook it.

Take a sharp knife and you can make a cut with a knife deep on the breast or thigh of the bird to check it is cooked through properly.

Once the chicken is done, let it rest for 10~15 minuets it looks very impessive but realy this is to allow the juices to settle back into the meat.

Remove the chicken be very careful, the can is still very hot.

Beer Butt Chicken cooked well is brown crispy, juicy with a wonderful flavour you can realy enjoy.

A nice green salad and perhaps a baked potato go well.

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