Blurry Vision and Diabetes

Blurry Vision and Diabetes can be eye damage or retinopathy is a major complication with diabetes sufferers. A symptom of excessively high levels of sugar in the blood it is wise to seek medical specialist advice immediately.

Diabetes control is reducing the sugar you eat daily.  It is the answer to short and long term lowering and stabilization of blood sugar levels with T2 diabetes. Your eyesight is so very precious you must take care of it as soon as you can.

So if you get blurred vision,it normal to be concerned. Think the worst get it checked out as quickly as you can get an appointment.


But the cause of diabetes and blurry vision is not necessarily diabetes.

It could just be a temporary eye problem that develops. The effects of blurred or cloudy vision can lie with other issues that can be treated successfully.


However if you suffer from high blood sugar levels your eyesight is very precious seek medical specialist advice immediately.

Diabetes and eyesight improvement treatments are available and can be prescribed by your medical practitioner.


Diabetes and blurry vision be detected early and treated.


If you are diabetic and get blurry vision even if it only happens occasionally inform your diabetic medical specialist immediately.

Every diabetic should have an annual eye examination by  a qualified optical specialist or ophthalmologist.

When you experience blurred vision and you have not been diagnosed with diabetes. It is important that you should first make an appointment to see your medical practitioner doctor. Discussing your symptoms will evaluate the cause. This may involve a number of tests including simple but eye examinations by a specialist ophthalmologist.


Thorough Eye Examinations


Your eyes should be dilated during the examination,eye drops are put into each eye to enlarge your pupils. This allows the eye professional to see more of the inside and back areas of your eyes. Checking all areas for signs of problems and disease or other condition like including indications of abnormal cholesterol build up.



Many times diabetic and blurry vision problems can be detected by routine eye examination.

Discovering any early signs of excessive eye pressures resulting from the onset of early T2diabetes is important.

This can be treated with drops to reduce further damage caused by high pressure levels.


Early Diagnosis identifies Early Problems


Blurred or distorted vision is not restricted to one type or one condition. It can take a number of forms and be caused by coconditions other than diabetes.


However diabetes can affect and point to other eye sight difficulties,cataracts and macular degeneration are among the most common.

In people with diabetes and blurry vision they may also suffer from other abnormalities associated with excessively high blood sugar.

This can damage the walls of the small blood vessels of the eyes, altering their structure and function.


Eye Problems and Causes of Diabetes and Blurry Vision

The condition,called diabetic retinopathy.

These tiny blood vessels can, leak, develop clots, other defects called microaneurysms. accumulate in the part of the retina.

This condition is called macula edema.

These fragile blood vessels can bleed, creating impaired vision, hemorrhaging, scar tissue, and separation of the retina.This  is called retinal detachment. The new vessels can also block fluid flow within the eye increasing pressures in the eyes, producing glaucoma.


 What are the symptoms.


Often there are no symptoms in the early stages of this condition. Vision may not change until the disease becomes severe. Nor is there any pain.


What to do

Keep an eye on your vision and get an eye examination at least once each year


Diabetes, blurry vision may occur when the macula, part of the retina that provides sharp, central vision swells from leaking fluid. This condition is called macula edema.

If new vessels have grown on the surface of the retina, they can bleed into the eye, blocking vision. But, even in more advanced cases, the disease may progress a long way without symptoms.

That is why regular eye examinations for people with diabetes are so important.


Other Diabetic Eye Diseases?

If you are Type 2 Diabetic diabetes, you are also at risk for other diabetic eye diseases.

Recent clinical Studies show that diabetics are twice as likely to develop cataracts than a person who is not diabetic.

Cataracts can develop at a much earlier age in people with diabetes. Cataracts surgery for replacement lenses these days is normally very successful.

A person with diabetes is nearly twice as likely to get glaucoma as other adults. With diabetic retinopathy, the longer you have had diabetes, the greater your risk of getting glaucoma.

Glaucoma may be treated with medications usually daily eye drops. Laser surgery can be an option as well as other forms of surgery.


Reduce Risk
You can reduce your risk of developing diabetes and blurry vision retinopathy. 
  Keeping your blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.           Further more by adopting a few lifestyle Simple changes. These easy changes can improve your general health and reduce your risk of developing retinopathy.


Create your Healthy Lifestyle

Create your Healthy Lifestyle

Changing to eating a healthy, balanced diet

  • Moreover, try to out all added sugar and reduce fat in your food.


  • Increase your physical activity,exercise regularly
  • Aim to increase physical activity 20/30 minutes of moderate activity, walking is probably the easiest exercise.
    Especially a brisk walking in 5 minute bursts.
  •  If you can sing or whistle while your walking.

  • Then your not walking fast enough.


Aims and Objects to Defeat Diabetes

    • For example your target to aim for and achieve is plus 10,000 steps per day.
    • Equally important is to start exercising slowly. Ease gently into physical activity, let your body,muscles joints learn to get stronger.
    • The race winners are the ones who achieve the objective and that is to defeat diabetes long term.
  • Oh! And bonus is.
  • Loosing weight naturally after only a short time and you have begun your journey to reverse diabetes.

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