Caribbean Rum Punch

Caribbean rum punch.

Traditional rum punch recipe that has been used used in the West Indies and passed down through each family for generations.

With this recipe almost any fruit can be used, sprinkle a little fresh grated nutmeg over the fruit and let this blend for a short time.

This concoction of traditional ingredients has been the staple brew for locals in the islands,it is a delicious rum and fruit based beverage that should be served chilled over ice cubes.(See our great fruit juice ice cubes ideas for these refreshing drinks)


• 1 cup fresh lime juice.

• 2 cups coconut milk.

• 3 cups amber rum.

• 4 cups orange juice.

• 4 dashes bitters.

• freshly grated nutmeg.


1. In a punch bowl or pitcher, combine your selection of mixed local fruits and nutmeg cut the fruit into small cubes( so that you can also get some liquid into your glasses).

2 Mix together the lime juice, rum, orange juice and coconut milk. Add a few dashes of bitters to taste.

3 Serve chilled over ice.

Serving for 10 persons.

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