This Celebration Sparkling Punch has Massive Wow Factor.

Celebration sparkling punch.

This absolutely Fabulous non alcoholic punch is so delicious you will use it more and more and every one loves this simple natural fruit juice that blends so well with the fizz of the lemon or lime soda, and it runs out so fast you will need plenty in reserve

Ingredients for this Non Alcoholic Delicious sparkling punch.

1 Liter can/pack natural orange juice, (Well Chilled).

1 Liter can/pack natural pineapple juice(Well Chilled).

2 Liters sparkling lemon or Lime soda.

2 oranges sliced thin.

1 small tinned pineapple small chunks.

Plenty of ice cubes.

Servings 20 long glasses

Directions for this celebration sparkling punch.

1 Cut some of your orange slices into smaller pieces small enough to fit a portion into the ice cube tray then add water to cover then freeze. 2 Repeat this process with some smaller pieces of pineapple.This simple little extra produces added interest to your guests and be sure you will be asked to explain how you make these wonderful little fruit ice cubes.

(See below for our further tips)

  1. Into a large serving bowl bowl,mix together the orange natural juice and pineapple juice.
  2. Plenty of plain ice cubes and a few of your orange and pineapple fruit ice cubes, for added decoration.
  3. Just prior to serving pour in the Lemon or Lime Soda.
  4. Serve in a long glass and make sure each glass contains at least one of your fruit ice cubes.


We always make a larger batch,much more than we expect to need, because this it is a very refreshing thirst quencher with just natural fruit juices and it is very popular and seems to run out very quickly.

Although it is so easy to make more, the little fruit ice cubes will take twenty four hours to completely freeze and if you make extra you can always add them as a decoration to a glass of water to help you make sure you drink at least 3 liters of water per day,to help keep you properly hydrated 

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