Natural Fresh Herb Countryside Salad

Natural Fresh Herb Salad of the Countryside

Ingredients for this Fresh Herb Countryside Salad

This is a simple countryside green leaf herb salad,it is so easy and simple to prepare, the fresh salad with some fresh crusty bread on its own or with a few olives or you can add something out of a tin salad like tuna or any other tinned fish,goats cheese would be great to accopany tasy fresh salad.

This makes one of the easiest of salad meals and then you can add to, perhaps a slice of dry cured ham or even a tin of fish like sardines there is plenty to choose from and enjoy.

1 large back of prepacked fresh herb salad.

3 tbsp of raspberry or balsamic vinegar.

2 small fresh hard baked rolls.

6 ripe vine tomatoes.

½ a cucumber chopped into small cubes.

4 oz of black olives.

1 large red onion finely sliced.

1 large bunch of fresh Basel leaves tear the leaves to small pieces.

1 small bunch of parsely chopped roughly.

12 mint leaves chopped fine.

8 tbsp of extra fine olive oil.

Season with a little salt and black pepper.

3oz of pine nuts.

2oz of sunflower seeds.

Method for this herb Salad of the Countryside

Tear the bread rolls into small pieces and fry with 2 tbsp of olive oil.

Fry in a heavy frying pan on a medium heat until they turn a golden brown.

Take the bread and put onto kitchen roll paper to absorb any excess oil.

Add in the tomatoes cucumber, olives, and onion parsley into the dish and stir together.

Put the golden brown bread peices on to your salad.

The Dressing

Whisk the oil and your selected vinegar together briskly.

Pour over the salad and toss it gently.

Add in your toasted pine kernals and sunflower seeds.

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