Easy.Crock Pot Recipes. This tender Beef Slow Cooked with Mixed Fresh Root Vegetables and a Rich Red wine Gravy.

Crock pot recipes this one is so easy and simple meal that tastes so great.

Slow cooked beef with mixed root vegetables merging all their flavors together to provides you with a succulent tender beef.

The wine gravy is so rich and delicious it is ideal to pop in some garlic and thyme flavored dumplings to absorb this luscious liquid to make this slow cooked casserole an absolute delight to eat.

This beef dumplings easy recipe is quick to prepare just put it all in the pan with the timer switched on and its ready when you get home, then add your dumplings cooked for another 20 minutes and its ready,(the dumplings are optional if you have not the time.

What a great winter warmer, to come home on a bleak winters day and have aDumplings Beef Casserole in the oven on timer ready to eat with some fresh crusty bread rolls and that wonderful food aroma to welcome you home.

Ingredients for this great slow cooked beef recipe.

750g/1½lb shin meat or stewing steak.

500g/1lb small onions, sliced.

40g/1½oz dripping.

250g/8oz sliced mushrooms.

3 sticks of celery chopped rough.

1 leak sliced in fine chunks.

1 tbsp flour.

900ml/1½ pint hot water.

Salt and freshly ground black pepper.

500g/1lb carrots, halved length ways.

1 large cup of a heavy cheapish red wine adds a special extra flavour but it’s optional.

Easy,Slow cooked recipes.

This Beef Slow Cooked to make tender with Mixed Fresh Root Vegetables and Red wine make a rich very tasty gravy grandma would be proud of.

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