Diabetic Breakfast Recipes

Diabetic Breakfast Recipes

Everyday Healthy Breakfast ideas you will enjoy.

These Diabetic Breakfast recipes are easy choices when you are in a hurry as most of us are in the morning.

Everyone's diabetic breakfast menu,should contain a good breakfast which is an essential to start the day and to maintaining a healthy regime with little or no special effort.

These are Quick,Easy Healthy Breakfast ideas full of nourishment to give you the energy you need to start the day.

The bananas will encourage energy, the bran flakes will add the fiber your body requires the nuts can delay the digestive process so you don’t feel hungry until later and the fruit adds the vitamins.

All together a quick healthy breakfast to sustain you until lunchtime without having to snacking between your meals.

Diabetic Breakfast Recipes like these add healthy tasty variety to start your day

1 Sliced bananas.

1 tub low fat, low sugar yoghurt.

¼ cup 100% bran flakes.

2 tbsp sultanas or other dried but chopped up fruit.

1 pinch of cinnamon;(optional)

1 tbsp almonds nuts or most any nuts that is available.

Stir the contents and garnish with most any fresh fruit add strawberries, peaches, or other fresh fruit.

A Healthy Breakfast option for anyone in a hurry.

Diabetic breakfast recipes that taste Great

Quick everyday recipes, that are simple to prepare but give you a nutritious meal.

Most of us have little time to make a special or complicated diabetic breakfast in the morning,just a quick nutritious meal is required.

Preparing a cooked breakfast and eaten leisurely is a major luxury most of us dream of and some of us reserve for weekends.

But on Sunday evening you really should make preparation and plan for your week’s meals and each day's breakfast.

Time is always going to be short in the mornings, the pressures of getting to work or organising the kids for school.

Monday mornings for us at least has almost always seemed to generate that extra stress,so we always have to prepare easy, quick healthy but hearty diabetic breakfast recipes you can have time and time again.

Each days meal has to be considered and planned so it has to suit every ones diet requirements for each day to start smoothly our goal is for those going on to school or work to leave with a smile or grin on their faces and with a wholesome meal in their stomach.

We know they will start the day having had a good breakfast so 50% success is not bad first thing in the mornings, getting that smile is the challenge we can sometime achieve and that is the bonus.

Every person with diabetes requires a healthy diabetic breakfast anyone with a special health condition and should always eat some breakfast.

The nutritional Gurus are always advising everyone to eat more small meals many adecate five small meals per day. Breakfast is a must folled by a light lunch a snack mid afternon an evening meal and then a supper drinking plenty of water in between. 

For a light diabetic lunch you have control over,see our easy lunch meals

I t is better for for anyone who has any form of diabetes to have something to eat that you have control over particularly for breakfast, as the correct food balance will provide you with the energy to be on top of your form and generate that feel good factor to cope well with all you encounter in the morning.

The alternative is to buy something or on the way or later that you have little knowledge what ingredients the purchased food contains.

Ideal quick Diabetic breakfast recipes

Easy Quick Egg Breakfast Recipe

Boiled Eggs with 2 slices of toast but it’s better for you to have whole meal bread, spread with a little natural butter or a spread after you have read the ingredients contained to make sure it is OK for you.

I like cut my toast into strips to make soldiers and dip into the soft yolk along with a drink, I prefer coffee or tea and a little skimmed milk is allowed.

Poached Eggs Breakfasts.

This is one of the easiest diabetic breakfast recipes because you can see it cooking so you cant over cook its ideal and easy,perhaps a couple of minutes longer than boiling and you have to wash out the poacher after use but its still a time savor simple but filling breakfast.I prefer my poached eggs on wholemeal toast.

Scrambled eggs.

Crack one or two eggs into a plastic bowl, mix with a little (one or two table spoons) full of skimmed milk, a little salt and pepper.

Microwave it full power about 20 seconds depending on the microwave's until, you the contents see it start to rise and change from liquid.

Stop the microwave take it out and stir it thoroughly and put it back for the same amount of time,take it out, stir it again until it is fluffy and separated then serve on your wholemeal toast.

Easy diabetic breakfast recipes for type 2 healthy diets are just sensible foods most of us eat without considering them to be part of a special diet. 


More easy diabetic breakfast recipes.

This is very filling and good it also helps with cholesterol.

Quantity for 2 persons

We use one cup full of branded crushed oats, one cup of skimmed milk and 2 cups of water.

I prefer it cooked in a pan on a cooker (but you can use a microwave) bring it to the boil stirring gently to avoid lumps turn the heat down and continue to stir gently until it thickens then its ready, this will serve two, you can add fruit,or berries.


There is a large selection of muesli in most main shops but be sure to read the contents many contain sugar.

We go to our favourite specialist store and make up our own choice of crushed oats a mix of dried fruit, nuts some seeds.

Most supermarkets best brands names have good quality products and very filling.

One large cup full mix with some skimmed milk,and you can also add some yogurt.

Easy diabetic breakfast recipes for type 2 healthy diets are just sensible foods most of us eat without considering them to be part of a special diet. 

Easy Breakfasts

Diabetic breakfasts recipes

Easy Wholegrain Flour Pancakes.

Recipe Ingredients:

1 1/2 cups whole-wheat flour.

1/2 cup crushed low-sugar bran cereal.

2 tsp baking soda.

3/4 cup evaporated skim milk.

2 eggs, beaten.

1 tbsp brown sugar.

1 tbsp vegatable oil.

2 tsp vanilla

Non-stick cooking spray, as needed.

Cooking Instructions:

Combine all ingredients and mix until blended. Drop batter, 1/4 cup at a time, onto a hot griddle sprayed with non stick cooking spray.

Cook until brown on both sides, turning once, about 5 to 6 minutes. Serve with a little jam, honey or fruit if desired.

Instead of using and artificial sweetener in our diabetic breakfast recipes we prefer to squeeze on the pancakes little lemon or lime juice and sometimes a little orange juice but freshly squeezed.

This recipe yields 6 servings. Serving size: 2 pancakes each.

Easy Blended Drinks.

Many Fruits can be added to make blended drinks.

Recipe Ingredients:

1/2 cup skim milk.

1 banana, drizzle a little honey for added flavour.

2 tbsp of wheatgerm.

5 tbsp of natural yogurt (a small pot from the fridge).

Recipe Instructions:

Take the yogurt from the fridge,

(It is better to have been chilled for at least 8 hours).

Put all the combined ingredients into the blender.

Blend until smooth and creamy, serve it is easy and delicious.

Try this easy hearty diabetic friendly breakfast

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