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Easy Dumpling Recipes.

Create Mouth Watering Different Dumplings.

What is Best to Cook with Them

Dumplings used to be just a tummy filler, to give a meal substance when there was little of anything else to put on a plate.

Today there are many dumpling recipes that are available,many of these are not just to accompany your main meals. Simple Stews like this easy great standard Beef Dumpling Casserole recipe. That is the most wonderful,tasty filling meal, full of great merging flavors that taste superb and you know the vegetables provide the healthy aspect of this simple family meal.

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easy slow cooked beef dumplings casserole For the desert give them every child's favorite Apple Dumplings with some ice cream or better still hot creamy custard.

With so many different varieties of dumpling recipes you can make, besides just adding them to a casserole or slow cooking dish, you can boil them , bake them, fry them, and even roast them, mix them with fish or minced meats,and of course they make great sweet puddings.

Deserts and pudding are created dumplings made with mixed fruits or with a single fruit like apple, pineapple, banana sweet mince meats.

The list is as big as your imagination and of course you can serve them with hot custard, crème frais, just cream or ice cream, dumplings are so versatile every cook should have their own favorite to serve.

They have been around almost since people started cooking and when food was short you needed only a small quantity of protein such meat or fish and a little could be made to go a long when pockets were empty their food.

All About dumpling, making various types and forms with the many ingredients that can add variety to this easily creative form of food.

The fundamentals of all about dumplings are to form a ball or cake from a basic raw material food source the easiest to be readily available like flour, corn, rice or potato.

Flour is by far the most commonly used in the northern hemisphere and the process of preparing flour based dumplings is easy.

The basics are flour and water, with some fat or oil mix the flour with some fat or oil by hand add just enough water so that you can roll out into small balls about the size of golf balls are ideal but you can make larger ones it’s all a matter of preference and the dish you are preparing it’s a very simple preparation process.

Then after you have made this very simple food, what can you do to create a tastier and make the dumpling more appealing.

There some are very exotic recipes out there but the simple and easy to make meals like this great favorite slow cooked chicken dumpling casserole are difficult to surpass for a healthy and great tasting family meal that is easy and quick to make and so simple to prepare with the minimum of effort required for such a great tasting result.

dumplings ulay

In describing all that is easy about dumpling recipes we are trying to show readers how with so very little extra effort great a reward can be gained, all about dumplings can add something extra to your daily enjoyment of eating, to just eat anything because it is quick and is just fuel for your internal boiler to give you some energy is to deny yourself and miss out on a good food experience.

Our Quick,Easy,Special basic dumpling recipes like the following and of course you can adapt or improve it as you will and add extra ingredients.

It makes approx 8 dumplings, takes about20 minutes to prepare and cook and is simple and easy to make Freshly ground black pepper.

You need a Bowl, a Fork and a Sieve.

Here are Two Easy but Tasty Recipes and this is the first.

Ingredients for Easy Dumpling Recipes

50g/6 oz self raising flour.

75g/3 oz shredded beef suet.

Add cold water to mix.

B. recipe No 2 uses a vegetarian type of suet.


75g plain flour.

1 tsp baking powder.

50g fresh white breadcrumbs.

50g Trex or similar light vegetable suet.

75ml water approx.

1/4 tsp salt.

Freshly ground black pepper.

Instructions for these Easy Dumpling Recipes,

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl including any seasonings and lightly mix together with your finger tips or a fork.

Make a well in the center of contents of the bowl and pour in the cold water bit by bit. Draw the dry ingredients into the liquid and lightly mix them both together until a soft pliable(not to wet) dough is formed that comes away cleanly from the bowl.

Sprinkle a little flour your hands and divide the dough into eight l pieces, then roll into little balls the size of golf balls.

Lower the dough balls into the gently into whatever stew,is already cooking(bubbling hot) leave a space between each for expansion cover with a tight fitting lid and leave to cook for 15-20 minutes.

Alternatively if you’re baking the dumplings, increase the oven temperature to 200°C Gas 6.

Arrange the dumplings in the stew then put the casserole onto the top oven shelf.and bake without a lid for roughly 25 minutes and the dumplings will turn a golden colour.

Many extra Flavorings can be added if you want to test yourself:-

1 tsp dried sage or mixed dried herbs.

1 tsp English mustard powder.

1 tbsp hot creamy horseradish.

1 tbsp finely chopped onion.

1½ tbsp grated Parmesan.

2 tbsp grated hard cheddar.

1½ tbsp caramelized onions.

1 tbsp finely chopped fresh herbs - parsley or chives.

There are many ingredients you can experiment with to create your own special dumplings.

Try them out they are delicious for a cold winter's evening dinner it could remind you of years and gone by when Gran or great Gran nearly always had a big pan constantly on a low heat in her kitchen ready to give you a bowl of something hot that tasted so wonderful.

All About dumplings is an experience you do not want to leave out of your own collection of recipes whether they a dinner extra or a desert special like fruit dumplings they are well worth keeping to enjoy for all the family.

If you want to make a comment or better still add your own original/special cooking Tip or Dumpling recipe we would love to add it to our collection acknowledging your contribution of course.

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