Easy Punch Recipe

Easy punch Recipe

Ideal for entertaining, this easy to make punch this can be further enhanced by adding decorative ice shapes.

These can be made from plastic shape moulds they can be as simple shapes like ice cubes made from different fruit juices to larger shape in stars or discs into which you can add fruit juices to freeze into shapes.

These ice shapes should be made 24 hrs in advance as main centrepieces for your punch.

This elegant non-alcoholic beverage would also work well for baby showers or bridalshowers.

Should you require your punch to have a little kick (alcahol) in it chilled dry white wine will compliment this punch/

Ingredients for this easy to make punch recipe.

• Frozen water or white grape juice in a shallow 8 inch plate (to form a frozen disc).

• 3 oranges sliced in half.

• 8 oz Seedless grapes cut in half and frozen separately.

• 4 oz of whole cranberries.

• Small cup full of Lemon or Mint leaves.

• 2- 24-ounce bottles unsweetened white grape juice, chilled.

• 3- 16-ounce bottles low-calorie lemon-lime carbonated beverage, chilled.

• 2 12-oz. packs cranberry juice concentrate, well chilled thawed.

• 24 ice cubes

Directions for this easy punch recipe.

1. For all your ice shapes prepare these at least 24 hrs in advance ice ring.

2. Arrange the half oranges on top of your frozen frozen ice layer disc.

3. Garnish the disc with some of the frozen grapes anda few lemon leaves.

4. In a large punch bowl combine white grape juice and cranberry juice concentrate.

(along with any prepare frozen fruit juice shapes.)

5. Just before serving, ad in and stir lemon-lime carbonated beverage.

6. Place the ice on the top of the liquid and serve.

Should make about 30 -4 ounce) servings

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