Free Easy Crockpot Recipes.

Like our Tasty Beef Shank recipes

Free Easy Crockpot Recipes like our beef shank recipes.


• 6 carrots chopped in chunks.

• • 3 leaks chopped in chunks.

• • 4 onions, peeled cut in quarters.

• • 2 turnips, peeled and diced small.

6 medium potatoes, diced small.

• 1 bay leaf.

• • 1/2 tsp. thyme.

• • 1 tsp. mixed dried herbs.

• • ¼ tsp. of salt.

• • 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper.

• • 4 slices beef shank, cut 1-inch thick.

• • 4 tablespoons flour.

• • 1 pint beef stock.

• • 2 tablespoons corn starch.

Directions for this one of our great free easy crockpot recipes:

1. Into 5 quart or larger slow cooker/crockpot, place the leaks carrots, onions.

2. Along with the turnips, potatoes, bay leaf, pepper and thyme and mixed herbs.

3. Coat beef shanks completely with flour then place on top of vegetables in a single layer.

4. Pour in beef stock.

5. Cover and cook at low setting until beef is so tender it pulls away from bones 6 to 8 hours.

6. Carefully lift beef and veggies to warm deep platter and keep warm.

7. (Mix in the corn starch and water.)

8. Increase heat setting to high; cover and cook, stirring 2-3 times, until sauce is thickened (10-12 min).

10. Season to taste with salt.

11. Spoon a little of the sauce over beef and veggies.

12. Serve remaining sauce in a bowl to add to taste.

Makes 4 servings.

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