Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic

Just Trivia or is it but don’t laugh there was some truth in it.

It used to be said that the British Empire was built on gin with tonics, some say because of the habit all those years ago when many worked in those far foreign lands about at the turn of the century.

They regularly had a habit of drinking gin in the early evening after the sun had dipped below the horizon.

Some may laugh but the tonic they used with the Gin was made mainly in India and called Indian Tonic water this contained a substance called quinine.

This eventually became an effective medicinal treatment for Malaria, so while others laughed at their Gin drinking habit others got sick with Malaria the Gin with tonics toffs did not get sick!

The Standard Recipe for this drink is as follows.

Ingredients for the standard Gin with tonics Toffs drink, is so simple one measure of gin in a tall glass filled with as much or as little tonic as you prefer.

Those who had worked abroad for many years adapted the recipe as follows.

We prefer our adapted version.

Recipe 2: 2 measures of Gin again as much or as little tonic as you prefer.

Recipe 3 which is our version of the recipe and our favourite for a summer early evening a calming down and relaxing,enjoying the company of freinds or just with someone you care for sipping this cool long drink.

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