One of the best Grilled Chicken recipes. Boneless Chicken Breasts grilled tender yet moist and so delicious.

Chicken Breasts cooked and drizzled over with this great sauce mixture

One of the best grilled chicken recipes this simple,very tasty and so easy to make this delicious boneless chicken breast recipe.

Boneless chicken breasts are so versatile and served with a simple but mouth watering great homemade sauce it makes this easy to prepare meal into a substantial mouth watering gourmet meal by just adding that extra dimensional flavour to a favorite chicken breast meal.


. 1/3 cup seed mustard.

• 1/4 cup honey.

• 2 tablespoons mayonnaise.

• 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar.

• 4 skinless, boneless single chicken breasts.

Method for this very easy tasty meal.

Chicken Breasts are the most popular of all chicken recipes mainly because the cooking process is simple,easy and quick,cooking with the skin on protects the meat from drying during cooking and is the only concern you have when cooking without the skin.

Most of us try to introduce an extra to keep the breast moist, drizzling or basting with a little butter or sauce is the simple answer to keeping the chicken meat moist a succulent.

Directions for the best grilled chicken recipes.

Chicken Breasts the healthy option tasty meal

1. Preheat the grill for medium heat.

2. Mix together in a small bowl, the honey, mustard, mayonnaise, and balsamic vinegar.

3. Then set aside a small amount of the mix for basting the chicken as it cooks.

4. Dip and cover the chicken with the remaining sauce mixture to coat completely.

5. Cover the grill with kitchen foil and oil with a little olive oil or cooking spray oil.

6. Grill chicken 15-18 minutes, turning and basting in the last 5 minutes of cooking with the honey and mustard etc. mix you set aside.

7. Test with a sharp knife to check that the juices run clear.

8. If they are not clear cook a little longer as the timings depend on the thickness of each breast...

Watch carefully in the latter cooking stages to prevent any over cooking!

Another simple delicious chicken breast meal

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