Grilled salmon

How to Cook Salmon on the Grill

Grilled Salmon or baking salmon is about the best ways of cooking this King of Fishes.

Within salmon there is a level of fat that makes it almost ideal for grilling and more so than most fish you associate with grilled fish.

The fat is an essential ingredient that stops the fish from drying out during the cooking process so that it remains moist when cooked.

When cooking salmon fillets, get them all about the same equal size and weight and the ideal is around 1” thick for grilling.

Another plus for choosing salmon to grill is that it tastes great on its own so you do not need to smother its flavour with an overpowering or strong marinade with chilli or similar strong spices.

When cooking salmon fillets try to all equal size and that is around 1” thick for grilling.

The marinade should be subtle and add to you eating experience rather than overpowerthe tasteof the fish with hot chilli type flavours.

Eating salmon is healthy for you as well as very nutricious all the good types of fat are contained.

It also has loads of Leptin witch reduces your hunger factor for longer which in turn reduces your appetite for more food than you might think you require.

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