Homemade Pancakes Recipe

The basics of how to make this Homemade Pancakes Recipe has not changed since the Greek and Romans in days gone by used this formula.

The basic recipes have evolved and adapted and some swear you should only use buttermilk only others insist you use baking powder.

But these are marginal adaptations to making a batter for that is is using the same ingredients that are used in Crepes Suzette's, Waffles and Yorkshire Puddings they are basically the same.

Increase the ingredients if you want to make more pancakes.

Ingredient for this Homemade Pancakes Recipe.

4 oz Flour.

1 Egg.

¼ Pint of milk.

A pinch of salt.

1 tsp of butter.

Topping of your choice.

Directions and Preparations

Into a medium size bowl sieve the flour first.

In the middle and gradually draw in the flour from the sides adding sufficient milk, mixing and beating thoroughly to bring to a thick smooth consistency.

Mixing is the secret, use a food processor Hand blender of the simple a hand whisk when the consistency is thickish and smooth put some of the contents into a jug.

Heat your frying pan and put in half of the tea spoon of butter when this has covered the pan you are ready to add the pancake batter.

Pour sufficient from a jug to cover a hot frying pan helps you spread the mixture around the pan evenly.

When the pancake is golden brown flip it over or toss if you dare and cook the other side the same.

Turn the pancake out on to grease proof kitchen paper sprinkled with a little sugar before you add the topping you want or you can serve from the pan direct on to a plate ready to put on whatever fruit, jam, cream or even melted chocolate you feel you would like.

Savoury Pancakes as a starter can be made with many different fillings tuna and sea food are great and you can make many savoury pancakes and freeze them ready for any occasion.

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