How to Boil Eggs Boiled Eggs.

To get them just right,hard boiled or soft check this out.

Soft Boiled Eggs the classic quick breakfast for type 2 diabtics

How to boil eggs and get them just right.

Ideal Easy Diabetic breakfast recipes

Easy Quick Egg Breakfast Recipe

Two Eggs with a couple of slices of toast whether you like the eggs soft boiled or hard boiled its simple and quick pop them into a pan of boiling water from your kettle,then into the toaster with the bread and by the time you have cleaned your teeth its ready.

The timing is critical and depending on the size of the eggs depends on how long you boil them for,once you have found your ideal time for your soft or hard eggs style stick to it.

It is better for your health and digestion to eat whole meal bread it is dense and you get all the goodness from the grain, spread with a little natural butter or a similar spread you like after you have read the ingredients contained to make sure it is OK for you.

I like cut my toast into strips to make soldiers and dip into the soft yolk along with a drink, I prefer coffee or tea and a little skimmed milk is allowed.

Best Tip

Boil a couple more eggs and save them for a salad or to mash with other ingredients later

Try these Easy Breakfast Ideas to give you a good healthy meal to set you up untill lunch.

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