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Lemon Chicken is a wonderful tasting and fragrant easy dish.

3 juicy lemons.

50g butter.

2 tbsp clear honey.

1 tsp of mixed herbs.

½ cup of fresh Basel leaves.

2 garlic clove,finely chopped.

8 chicken pieces thighs or drumsticks or both,with skin.

750g potatoes,peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks.

Direction for this tasty chicken in lemon dish.

Preheat the oven to /fan180C.

Squeeze the juice from 2 lemons into a small pan and heat with the butter, honey, garlic and salt and pepper, until the butter melts and it smells fragrant.

Lay the chicken separate in a roasting tin.

Add the potatoes around the chicken to roast turning them occationally to brown and crisp.

Drizzle a little lemon juce over the chicken first and then a little butter after about 5 minutes cooking.

Add in the mixed herbs.

Cut the third lemon into 8 pieces and tuck them into the chicken and potatoes.

Roast for 50 minutes to1 hour until the chicken is cooked and the potatoes are crisp and golden.

Mix in the fresh Basel and serve.

Serve with a green leaf and herb salad,drizzle over with at little olive oil and balsamic dressing.

A great tasting and healthy meal all can enjoy.

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