Easy Lime Punch

Lime Punch

This easy to make punch is so refreshing on a hot summers evening to sit down and relax and sip this simple but almost exotic punch. .


6 cans of Limeade.

1 litre of pineapple juice chilled.

1 litre of apple juice. chilled.

7 limes peeled.

1 litre of club soda chilled.

350 cl of white rum chilled(or more as desired).

Ice cubes.

Fresh mint leaves.

Directions for this Great easy punch.

Optional local fresh fruits. Peaches, raspberries,or whatever is available can be cut into small pieces and added if desired

1 Place the limes into a blender until smooth.

2 Into a large punch bowl.

3 combine the fresh lime juice limeade, pineapple juice, apple juice white rum, and the club soda.

4 lastly add the ice cubes then leave for 15 minutes and serve

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