Meat Balls in Pitta with Cheese and Special salad.

Meat Balls in Pitta with Cheese and Special salad.

Meatballs with Mixed salad and cheese in a Pitta bread this one can be one of the easiest to prepare and one of the simplest to cook and one of the tastiest to eat.

250g lean minced steak (beef or lamb.

mixed dried herbs.

100gms Grated Cheddar or similar strong cheese.

1 lettuce with a firm heart shredded.

1 small leek shredded.

2 celery sticks chopped fine.

1/2 cucumber sliced small fine.

2 tbsp Mayonnaise.

4 large pitta breads.

100gms Feta type cheese if possible cut into long strips (add the salad then the Feta cheese then the salad then the cheese etc.)

Directions for your MeatBalls dish

Add seasoning and sprinkle in small amount of the herbs to the mince and mould into 8 oval shape meatballs.

Place each on skewer and barbecue each side for about4/ 5 minutes until cooked through.

Spray on a little water to dampen the pittas and toast them on barbecue briefly just to toast a little (they will puff up with the heat this will enable you to easily to spit them form a wallet to put in the food.

Mix your leak, celery and cucumber together with the mayonnaise Open the pitta into the wallet container and first put in some of the shredded lettuce, then some of the salad and mayonnaise mix.

Add the grated Cheddar cheese and place in the 2 hot meatballs. The heat should start to melt the cheese.

Another easy great outdoor meal especially with a glass of something cold for your thirst.

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