Meatloaf lamb recipe for an amazing tasty homemade meal with tender root vegetables.

Meatloaf lamb recipe is a very versatile dish it normally served hot with sepate potatoes, green vegetables and gravy, it can be served as a cold summers dish with salad or maybe mixed rice with some added nuts or sultanas.

Meatloaf lamb recipe mince is cheap and very easy to prepare, quick and simple to make,the end result it a very tasty tummy filling, substantial meal for all the family.

Always try to use the best quality ingredients available, the end result can be influenced by the quality of the beef and bacon you use.

We add mixed herbs,but you can add or invent and even adapt this dish to your own taste with (chilli, garlic or coriander).

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes.

Cooking Time: 90 Minutes.


450grams minced beef.

100g bacon (pancetta if available.

100g dried breadcrumbs

1egg (beaten and fluffy in small bowl)

2 onions, finely chopped.

1 Beef stock cube mixed in 400cl of hot water.

1 teaspoonful of mixed dried herbs.

Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

Cooking Method Instructions:

1. Add the finely chopped the onions with the chopped bacon/pancetta to a large mixing bowl.

2. Add in the beaten fluffy egg, some pepper and a little salt, the mixed herbs and about 3-4 tablespoons of stock mix well until all the liquid has been absorbed into the mixture...

3. Grease a deep baking tin e.g. bread tin, put the mixture into the tin and smooth over smooth the top and cover with tinfoil.

4. Preheat the oven on Gas 4/ 350f/ 180c and cook for 60 minutes remove tinfoil and cook for a further 30 minutes.

Serves 4 persons.

We prefer some steam cooked crunchy vegetables like broccoli carrots and green beans for any added vegetables,but the choice is yours.

Boiled new potatoes Thick Chips or French Fries go well with the gravy from the meatloaf.

This is tummy filling nutritious healthy meal for all the family.

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