Pasta Salad Recipes

Ingredients for this Pasta Salad recipes

This is the Easy and very popular Tuna recipe

1 Cup of mayonnaise.

2 tbsp of red wine vinegar.

4 twists of fresh ground black pepper.

3 small sprigs of dill.

3 tbsp of rough chopped fresh Basel

1 cup of Penn of any Pasta cooked as per intructions on the packet then drain.

1 small can tuna chunks or flakes, drained.

1 cup cooked garden peas.

1 Cup of choped small celery pieces.

1/3 cup of sultanas

1/2 Cup of sliced and chopped red onion.

1/4 tsp of mixed dried herbs hydrated in 4 tbsp of boiling water.

Directions for PastaSalad Recipe,Tuna based smeal

Conbine the ingrdients into a large bowl and stir in well all the ingredients together with the mayonnaise, vinegar and pepper until smooth.

Optional add 3 tbsp of some choppes walnuts

Add the cooked pasta and peas,the the tuna, celery, onion,peas and basel herbs and dill.

Toss and mix to coat well.

Cover; refrigerate at least 2 hr. to blend flavors before serving.

For approximately 4 persons.

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Inportant info re Health Eating Salads.

Salads primary healthy food you don’t have to plan just add them to your daily food.

Salads are a great way to help you achieve your daily intake of fruit and vegetables, whether in a crunchy and refreshing starter dish, a main course like Waldorf salad or Caesar Salad with Chicken.

Salad with lettuce and some green leaf herbs count as one the recommended five portions of fruit and veg, making a salad recipe one of the easiest meals tips, to help you with your healthy diet regime without having to plan or think about it and achieve your ‘5-a-day’healthy eating habit.

There are plenty of highly nutritious green herbs leaves available in mixed salad bags at most supermarkets these days that make it easy for you to attain your recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins C and A.

By adding a pack of salad into your shopping this makes it healthy and good for you and by following our easy and simple recipe ideas you can enjoy healthy eating.

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