Easy Omelettes with Great Taste

Easy Omelettes with Great Tastes are easy to make and simple to cook.

These Easy great tasting omelettes are ideal for most,but especially for the diet conscious or anyone with special health or dietary requirement.

They comprise mainly of protein that you can use  in many balanced diet plans so those with type 2 diabetes can use these as part of a regular diet regime.

They are easy to prepare, you follow the same basic instructions for making an omelet, then add all the various ingredients to make up all different omelette’s you can think up.

Try this easy Cheese Mushroom omelette recipe.

1 tbsp olive oil.
handful button or chestnut mushrooms finely sliced.
25g of mature cheddar or vegetarian cheddar grated.
small handful parsley leaves, chopped fine.
3 eggs, beaten and whipped briskly in a bowl so that air bubbles rise from the bowl.
Add some fresh ground black pepper and a pinch of salt.

Heat the tbsp of olive oil in a small non-stick frying pan.

Tip in the mushrooms and fry over a high heat, stirring occasionally, 3 mins or until they cook to a golden color.

Lift the mushrooms out of the pan and put aside.

Take your egg mix bowl and add the parsley stirring with a wooden spatula.

Place the pan back on the heat and pour into the pan the egg mixture.

Cook for 1 min swirling the mixture in the pan until it starts to set as you would like it.

The spoon half the cheese onto one half of the omelet.

Spoon in all the mushrooms mix on top of the cheese on the one half of the omelet.

Then add the remaining cheese on top of the mushrooms.

Using a thin spatula or palette knife, flip the omelet over to cover the half with the mushrooms and cheese on.

Cook for 2 minutes more test using a knife to cut a one inch the cheese should have melted.

If you need to cook the top side more.

Use this tip.

Put a small plate over the omelette to cover it completely, then turn the pan over holding the plate underneath, so that the omelet is on the small plate.

Put the pan back on the heat, let it get hot, then slide the omelet carefully into the pan for about one minute.

The slide this omelet from the pan onto your serving plate ready to eat.

A nice green leaf salad with a balsamic dressing would go well,so would some oven chips.

Whatever it is, there it is a very easy, simple and very tasty meal

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