Tender Beef Fillet Roasted

Most visitors to the UK have experienced the great Full English Breakfast, why it is so called I have no idea and until the last few years the UK was not famous for its own cuisine.

But now many of the younger specialist chefs have become famous for creating simple foods into easy sensational meals, but few have even tried to improve on the easy yet simple English Sunday dinner of Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding,even this meal has been made easier now you can buy Yorkshire puddings that you just have to heat up and serve.

If you have a slow cooker then great because using a slow cooker really brings out all the flavours and cooking the meat slowly makes it so much tenderer and seems to intensify that meaty flavour.

The key to success is to make sure you buy only the best piece of mature beef and some of the best tasting beef we have had has been in the USA.

BBQ Marinate Fillet of Beef for the best result of beef fillet roasted.
2 1/2 kilos beef fillet (remove any fat or sinew).
8 cloves garlic (crushed).
1 red chili (chopped fine)
2 cups soy sauce.
1 cup wine vinegar.
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar.

Directions for Tender Beed Fillet Roasted :

Into a large a bowl mix soy sauce, cider, and balsamic.

Pour over beef. Mix garlic, chili and sugar together and rub over beef piece. and leave overnight.

Remove from marinade and cook on medium to hot BBQ (turning regularly) for as follows 25 for rare to medium, – 35 for well done).

IT IS IMPORTANT to note when cooking this tender beef fillet roasted on a BBQ to follow the following instructions for the best results.

When cooking to have the option as follows.

Put up to a least 3 to 4 Layers of coals on one side of a dome shaped BBQ.

And wait until white ash has formed over mmst of the serfase of the coals before you start to cook.

Place the any large peice of meat for cooking on the opposite side to the coals( the side with no burning coals underneath).

You want to cook the meat without causing any fat fron the meat flaring up and burn the meat or causing black smoke marks on your meat.

The same applies cooking process is better for a gas BBQ cooker You rely on the heat within the dome or lid of the BBQ to retain all cooking heat to cook with, (similar to conventional electric cooking principles )

The advantage of an outdoor BBQ is apart from the great eating outdoors atmosphere that is created.

It is that wonderful almost smoky flavour added to the cooked food and of course most BBQ have a rotisserie turning rod to let any juices cook as it turns.

Again slice fairly thick slices of the tender BBQ beef.

This can be accompanied by baked potatoes with grated cheese and a mixed salad of chopped celary, lettuce, cucumber quatered tomatoes have youthought of adding fruit to a salad sultanas, chopped apple they are great.

Of course you need to add an added salad sauce of your choice.

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