Fish Cake Recipe

One of my son’s favourite’s mixed fish meals.

Using any variety together you can include most shelled sea food with your dish.

It is advisable not to put white and smoked varieties as the smoked flavour saturates other flavours.

Delicious Mixed Fish Cakes made from various varieties of fish.

75g (9oz) haddock fillets.
175g (6oz) salmon.
Milk for poaching the haddock.
275g (9oz) dry mashed potatoes.
50g (2oz) melted butter.
1 small onion, finely chopped and sweat-ed in butter.
2 tablespoons chopped parsley.
Salt and cracked black pepper
Flour for coating.
Beaten egg for dripping.
Natural Dry breadcrumbs.
50g (2oz) butter for frying.

Cook the haddock and salmon in 1/2pt milk seasoned milk until cooked.

Remove the fish from the milk and when cool enough to handle.

Flake the fish discarding any skin or bone.

Combine the haddock with the potato, butter, onions and stir in gently the salmon, egg, parsley with a wooden spatula thoroughly only not much,

The texture should be rough but firm.

Season to taste.

If the content is too dry at this point add some of the milk from the haddock poaching.

Divide the contents up into 4or more equal portions, and then shape into round or shaped patties remember the thicker the longer it takes to cook them.

Having stirred together the flour and egg, dip them in the liquid to cover the patties.sprinkle and cover them with the breadcrumbs then reshape as you require.

Refrigerate the contents for 1½ to 2 hours before you continue with this dish

Pan-fry in butter for 3/4 minutes each side depending on thickness – keep them in a hot oven until ready to serve.

For those who want a green and vegetable presentation.

Place fish cakes on a bed a mix of buttered squash and spinach surrounded by parsley sauce.

Or if you prefer a salad presentation serve on a bed of salad and selection of fresh herbs then surround the dish with a prawn sauce,we prefer cold water or Atlantic Prawns For their flavour.

Serves four

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