Greek Yogurt

Recipes for good healthy living so simple and tasty

At one time home made yogurt was all that was available.

Greek Yogurt recipes in particular a homemade for good healthy living,they are said to be the forerunner of the modern yogurts available in most countries of the world these days.

The range and availability has developed into an every day food used in many different forms

Easy breakfasts ideas using natural yogurt,adding fresh fruit cereal and nuts so health,light and sustaining.

Great breakfast ideas for all those short of time.

This is so easy ,quick and simple,this one is also light and healthy, you can add your own personal favorite ingredients to this easy adaptable breakfast.

1 x 125g tub thick low fat yogurt.
1 banana cut into chunks.
1/2 tsp light runny honey.
1 peach cut into small chunks or a small handful berries(strawberries) etc.
2 tbs chopped almonds or walnuts.
1 tbs dried flat oats.

Directions for this Greek Yogurt

Serves 1.

Preparation time 5 mins.

1. Empty the yogurt into a bowl mix in the honey then the oats.

2. Pour in the fruit with the berries, and mix together.

3. Finally adds the nuts and mix.

4. Put the combined contents into the fringe for 10 minutes to let the ingredients to blend before eating.

Make it for breakfast or a light quick lunch.

Add 1 tbsp muesli over the top instead of the nuts – just as tasty.


To stop your bananas going brown.

Put the unpeeled bananas in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes before peeling off the skin.

Try it works!

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