Home Made Burgers Beef Char Grilled

One of the greatest food inventions of all time. Certainly for all of us who love the taste of a great beef burger the added melting cheddar cheese is as near to heaven you can taste on earth.

Ahh! the pleasure you get from cooking your own beef cheese burgers on your own BBQ, having a meal in the open air with your own family or friends, you forget quickly your frustration of trying to get the coals to burn and when eventually you did get a fire going, the smoke that got in your eyes as the tears ran down your grimy face making those wet and clear canals of water through the soot-ed face.

But if yours is a posh gas BBQ you will not remember the day when it would not ignite and as a last resort you tried the matches then whoosh and you were left minus your eyebrows on your grimy face

Looking back it was a pleasure to make your own food, preparing the meat to make your beef burgers have developed just then your own secret recipe,cooking on the BBQ whist having a slurp or two of something just to clear the cooking heat from your throat.

1 kilo pack of lean minced beef.
1 tsp mixed dried herbs.
1 sachet of Cajun spice (or alternative spice of your choice).
A little salt and black ground pepper to taste.
1 onion, pealed and chopped fine.

Chop and dice the onion as fine as you like and brown it off in a frying pan with a little olive oil, and then cover and set to one side.

Put the minced beef into a large bowl add the mixed herbs,chopped garlick and a pinch of cajun spice,and the onion with a little salt and the black pepper.

Remember not to addin too much of any spice or salt and pepper as you can add more later.

Mix all together well with your hand or with a wooden spatular.

You can test try your mixture first put a small amount into a frying pan and cook for a few minutesand taste it if you think you should add more of the ingredients (chilli if you like realy hot)you can add more.

Divide your meat into 8 equal size balls and press these flatabout 5 inches wide remember not to thin and not to thick just under ½ an inch is about the right thickness thenb rush with a tiny amount of olive oil so that they will not stick when you first put them on the grill

The most important part is when you place it onto the BBQ to cook.

Take your metal lifting spatula and test the burger try to lift it gently if it does not lift without sticking leave it is not ready to turn over yet.

Press the burger to squeeze out some of the meats juices to drip on the coals to help get more smoky flavour to the meat.

When it is cooked on one side it will lift fairly easily to then cook the other side careful not to break them up and spoil all your efforts.

These home made burgers are the best that can be made.

Probaby the best way to eat these is simly put each into a large 5″ soft bun(barmcake) add a little chopped lettuce then some raw chopped onion or sliced fried onion in very little olive oil 2/3 slices of toamto,or tomato sauce or a lttle seed mustard, there are so many things to add in.

We prefer a nice not to well done but crispy cooked burger with jucies still there and not to many things added.

To taste that really wonderful smoky cooked flavour enjoyed outside chatting with your family or friends and of course a glass of what you like can’t it get much better, Eh!

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