Muesli a Natural Mix of dried Fruits Grains and Seeds

Muesli is a mixture of fruits,seeds and crushed grains full of natures goodness.

There is a large selection of breakfasts products with mixtures of various cereals and fruits,natures mix of fruits grains and seeds available in most main shops, but be sure to read the details on the packaging to check all the contents and some contain sugar.

We go to our favourite specialist store and make up our own choice of crushed oats a mix of dried fruit, nuts some seeds.

Most superstores best brands names which have good quality natural products packets and offer any diabetic a good choice of natural mixed cereals nuts and fruit products to choose from.

Most of these should provide a substantial breakfast which can be quiet filling which then will provide the energy you need at the start of the day.

Fill one large cup as a regular measure with your preferred mix pour this into a bowl and mix with some skimmed milk,you can also add some yogurt of your choice.

With most fruits now available from all over the world for most of the year the choice of fresh fruit has never been more plentiful so whatever you fancy to add to your breakfast is more than likely to be available,we usually add some extra nuts or some fresh strawberries or a similar soft fruit.

Easy diabetic breakfast recipes for type 2 healthy diets are just sensible foods that most of us will eat without considering them to be part of a special diet.

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