Poached Eggs

Easy Omelettes with Great Tastes are easy to make and simple to cook.

These Easy great tasting omelettes are ideal for most,but especially for the diet conscious or anyone with special health or dietary requirement.

They comprise mainly of protein that you can use  in many balanced diet plans so those with type 2 diabetes can use these as part of a regular diet regime.

They are easy to prepare, you follow the same basic instructions for making an omelet, then add all the various ingredients to make up all different omelette’s you can think up.

This easy and simple dish can appear to look a little bland and uninteresting when you see a single or even two eggs on toast,but if you want more bulk there are many foods items you can add to make it as interesting as you wish.

Depending on your dietary requirements balances there are many simple additions you can include,if you require more carbohydrate you could add a small can of beans with tomato sauce into a plastic container a heat it up in the microwave for a couple of minutes or you can do the same with a can of spaghetti for that added carbohydrate.

Potato Cakes can be heated up very quickly and go well with this easy breakfast.

If you require more protein you could microwave a couple of rashers of bacon or ham which is more denser,you could even open a small tin of say steak or meat already cook in gravy if you diet requires more protein.

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