Sangria Celebration Punch

4th of July classic Toast

Sangria Celebration Punch.

4th of July Celebration Holiday Punch is a great idea for a party or get together drink on this special day.

This can be served as a long drink in tall glasses with plenty of ice cubes and you can go that little bit further by making different coloured ice cubes from different fruit juices with always inviying comments from guests.

Ingredients for this Sangria Great Celebration Punch

2 (75cl) bottles dry white wine (Zinfandel)
3/4 cup brandy.
1 (12 fluid ounce) can or bottle ginger ale.
1 Lime/lemon, sliced in rounds and in half.
1 orange, halved and sliced in rounds and in half.
1 (12 fluid ounce) bottle of club soda (optional).
Fresh Mint leaves for garnish each glass.
Plenty of ice cubes see our tips.


Tips make your ice cubes from different coloured fruit juices with added water.

Different colour combinations will make for that extra eye appeal.
Sangria Celebration Punch Recipe

Combine the dry white wine with the brandy, and ginger ale into a large punch bowl.
Stir in lemon and orange slices.
Refrigerate for at least two hours.
To serve, pour sangria into ice-filled glasses.
If desired, top with club soda.
Garnish each glass with an orange slice and a couple of mint leaves.
Serves 12 average glasses.

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