The best Sangria Venus Elixir

One of the Best? Sangria Venus Elixir Punch (you be the judge)

The popularity of this pale golden brew has grown worldwide, this very refreshing punch is recognized as one of the most requested beverages it has increased throughout the world since its humble beginnings hundreds of years ago in Spain.

It is the favorite of many now in many parts of the world this is possibly due to the fact that the wines used in the original recipe are now grown on most continents.

The Italian Prosecco sparking dry white wine is rated very high by aficionados accompanied by a dry Riesling, but for most of us main stream folks.

Each wine growing country have their own good dry sparkling dry white wine a Spanish Cava for example and good dry white wines like dry Chardonnay, Chenon Blanc, Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio will make an exceptional Sangria.

Try these two sangria recipes to see why. The Prosecco is best during the day, while the Crimson is perfect at night.

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Given the very ancient name of Elixir this is a name given to a liquid that many country folk people still believe has magical powers, for example the ability to make you feel young again some even believe an elixir of life existed that could enable a person live for ever while others believed it could and make women more beautiful.

This particular thirst quenching brew recipe is mainly to be enjoyed as a drink to refresh you during a day relaxing in the in the open air but under shade perhaps of a tree while a gentle cooling breeze sifts through the branches on a hot summer’s day.

This hot day cooler can be made in far smaller quantities by reducing pro-rata many of the ingredients.

1 75cl bottle chilled Italian Prosecco wine.
1 75cl bottle dry Riesling/, dry chardonnay.
1 75cl bottle chilled sparkling Prosecco wine.
2 lit-res white grape juice.
1 cup ounces apricot brandy.
1 litre ginger ale.
1 cup syrup ( mix 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water stir well).
Juice of two lemons.
Ice cubes.
A garnish of slice fresh seasonal fruits.


1. Into a large glass punch bowl, combine the sparkling Prosecco, Riesling or chardonnay.

2. Add white grape juice, brandy, ginger ale and simple syrup and mix these gently to combine.

3. To finish add in the lemon juice,then add in sliced fresh seasonal fruit (peaches, nectarines and raspberries add delicious flavours to this wonderful Sangria.

The ingredients will provide 30 servings,reduce the ingredients by 1/2 to reduce servings.

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