Skin Crackled Bellypork Roast

Belly pork is an extremely versatile meal that is equality delicious used in a cold meal

Skin Crackled Bellypork Roast

Crispy Belly Pork with baked root vegetables is a perfect winter meal.

Simply par boil all the root vegetables together in a steamer to retain in the all the goodness of the minerals and vitamins before adding them to your oven baking pan you are using to to bake your crispy belly pork.

Stir your vegetables in the juices from the pork 2 or 3 times during the cooking process to make sure the vegetable are well covered in the natural juices from the meat this coating of the vegetables should enable them to add a slight crunchiness to the veg as well as adding the flavours of the meat.

Adding a very thin honey glaze to your pork skin will provide a further dimension to this pork dish and will also assist in the darker crispiness that adds an almost caramel flavour to the pork skin

Crispy Crackled Bellypork

Crispy Crackled Belly Pork is another cheap,easy classic dish that all can enjoy but many can get it wrong,you can eat hot when the skin is crispy,or you can eat it cold when the skin is still be crunchy with a simple salad a some pickles or chutney and fresh crisp bread rolls.

The secret and one of the best tips to get the skin crispy is first to divide you pork into portions before cooking.

Next cutting through the skin is so important score the skin with many narrow width cuts right through the skin,rub in some salt,this helps drain away excess fat and crisps up the skin to light and crunchy.

So lay your belly pork on your kitchen cutting board flat with the skin side up most and after you have scored and seasoned the meat.

Then you make your deep cuts down through the fat but not into the meat, you can cut it into portions prior to cooking this can ensure if you wish that that each portion is exposed to the cooking heat.Or as most do cook the joint slab of belly pork whole,after it has been cooked it is then easy to cut your Crispy Crackled Bellypork into your portions without breaking up.

1.4kg belly pork
2 large onions peeled and sliced.
2 carrots, peel and halved in length.
3 sticks of celery, cut into 2and then halved.
2 tbsp of clear honey.
4 crushed garlic cloves.
A small bunch of freshly picked thyme leaves.
600ml vegetable stock.

For 1.4kg belly pork it is important to score the skin and the fat  depending on the thickness of the fat,the cuts should be deep enough to cut through the skin and the fat only.

Rub all over the skin with salt making sure the salt goes into the scored fat areas.

Wipe off any salt

Drizzle over a little cooking oil light vegetable cooking oil gives a good result

Cooking Directions for crackled bellypork roast.

Preheat your oven to High; it needs to be at least 220°C/425°F/gas mark 7.

Rub salt thoroughly into all the score meat.

Wipe away any excess salt off the skin and turn it over season the underside of the meat with a little salt and black pepper. then turn it back skin side upwards and drizzle over the clear honey

Place your pork, skin side-up, in a large roasting tray big enough to hold all the pork with all the vegetables but do not add the vegetables at this time, place the pork into the hot oven.

Roast the pork for around half an hour or until the skin of the pork has started to bubble, so you can see the cracking forming.

Turn the heat down to 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4 and roast for another hour.. Carefully lift the pork up and transfer to a cutting kitchen board.

Add all the vegetables, garlic and thyme to the tray and stir them into the fat.

Place the pork on top of everything and pop the tray back in the oven.

Roast for another hour. The meat will be tender, carefully remove the meat to a dish, cover with tin foil and take your vegetables and put them carefully into a warm dish ready to serve.

To make your graving spoon away any fat in the base of the roasting tray, then add the 400ml of stock liquid into the tray then put this onto the electric or gas cooker ring on the cookers ring.

Bring this to the boil and simmer for a few minutes stirring and scraping all those brown sticky bits from the bottom of the tray into this wonderful dark brown liquid natural and full of the goodness from the meat very tasty gravy.

Pour it into gravy all around your vegetables.

Serve your crackled bellypork on the top.

You can serve this with some mashed potatoes or mashed squash.

Remember belly pork contains a lot of fat therefore to ease digestion many add to this meal a fruit sauce or mashed up fruit Apple is the favorite although many now prefer cranberries mashed into a paste with is then added when eating the pork.

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