Soup or Broth

What is the differance between soup or broth.

While the words are interchangeable these days, there is a difference:

Soup Stocks are usually made from meat or fish bones.

Broths derive their flavours from the meatier parts of beef, pork, poultry, or fish and other seafood’s.

The comparison between homemade and store-bought stocks is instantly apparent in the taste.

Homemade soups and broth provides that immediate flavour of goodness, richness that store-bought stock cubes and bases cannot match.

The store bought goods are very good some even excellent but the homemade produce allow you to do much more control of the depth tastes and texture you can achieve in what you are cooking.

With fresh ingredients check what you buy use only the freshest vegetables in particular loose a little each day after they have been harvested.

Check and take care when buying store bought stock and bases for your soups and broths typically have high levels of sodium.

But if you have to use the store bought product look a brands with no additives and low sodium content. Little is good none is better because (you can always add more salt).

User Friendly with Soup or broth is definitely to be Freezer friendly.

To you can make twice what as much and keep some for another timeSoups, stocks, and broths are easy to freeze.

Always use portion size heavy-duty freezer bags or plastic containers, but be sure to leave extra space/ room for liquid to expand as it freezes.

Label your contents to identify each container and write in large words with waterproof inks.

Be sure to note down a use-by date (in general, four months is max).

When you’re ready to use you can melt them with boiling water.

Use only Premium or Best Ingredients.

Obtain the freshest seasonal ingredients possible,this applies especially to produce you wish to use for chilled soups.

Fresh fruits and vegetables that are ripe and ready for eating will deliver the most intense flavours.

Always try to use try to fresh herbs when possible but if not select from your individual dried herbs the ones you want to mix and blend together.

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