Top Punch Recipes

Top Punch Recipes

Planter's Rum Punch

Planter’s Rum Punch makes you think of tropical beaches where the beautiful people sit by a straw roof bar drinking ice cool exotic long tropical beverages called punch this easy recipe has been popular and is the most popular tropical drink requested anywhere.

These ingredients often change,some use orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, soda water, lime juice and other ingredients, and they adapted these ingredients at different rates.

Because of this, if you get Planter’s punch can taste different at every location you visit, so it is like having a new drink experience each time.

Ingredients for this Punch Recipe.

• 2 oz orange juice.

• 1½ oz pineapple juice.

• ½ oz lime juice.

• 2 oz dark rum.

• 1 dash of Grenadine.

• 1 Cherry on a stick.

• 1 Orange Slice.

• Ice cubes.

Into a long glass place 2/3 ice cubes and the cherry.

Pour all the juices and the rum a shaker with ice and shake until they have fully blended together.

Pour all of the mixed drink from the shaker into the glass and put the dash of grenadine on top.

Add an orange slice to garnish the glass.

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