Salmon recipes

Salmon recipes are so very versatile the high protein low in fat added to the healthy oils in this fish make it very popular in many diet plans.

The preparation to cook this fish meal is usually minimal and the cooking is easy making salmon a most popular fish meal, in this Grilled salmon with chilli & lime butter meal.

This easy-to-make dish is grilled, low in fat and spiked with a little chilli - a great all-rounder!

• Serves 4 persons.

• Ingredients for this

• 1 tbsp olives oil.

• 4 salmon fillets.

• Tbsp of salted butter.

• 6 spring onions, finely sliced.

• 2 garlic cloves chopped.

• 1 large red chilli halved, without seeds and very finely chopped.

• 1 lime juiced.

• small bunch coriander chopped.

• ½ a cup of fresh basel leaves

Preparation time 5 mins.

Cooking time 15 minutes.

This Salmon recipe directions are simple and easy.

Add to a large heated frying pan put the olive oil and lay the salmon fillets skin side down to cook on a med to high heat for about 5-6 mins or until the skin is crispy and golden.

With spatula carefully turn over the salmon fillets, turn the heat down to medium, then cook for a further 3 to 4minutes mins again until the surface is golden.

Remove from the pan, cover and keep hot.

Put the butter in the pan and, when melted, add the sliced spring onions,garlic,and stir, then add the chilli to sizzle and merge flavours in the butter stirring gently for 2 mins, then stir in the lime juice.

Spoon the mixed chilli,garlic and lime butter over the salmon.

Scatter with the coriander serve with the healthy boiled brown rice.

Aound the plate add the basel leaves for a fresh green simple garnish.

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