Sangria Chocolato Punch.

A wonderful summer drink with the tastes of fruit and choclate

Sangria Chocolato Punch

This Sangria flavoured with chocolate liquor is so easy to drink it will sneak up on you so be careful!

Thanks to the various fruits along with orange, lemon, and lime. It is also tangy and zesty, this drink tastes just like summer fruits with overtones of chocolate.

• Makes 6 glasses

• Preparation time 10 mins


• 75cl bottle dry red wine.

• 2 cups Baileys chocolate liquor.

• 1/2 cup brandy.

• Juice of 2 large orange.

• • ½ cup grand Marnier.

• • Juice of 2 medium lime.

• • 1 tsp confectionery sugar.

• • 75 cl bottle 7up or club soda.

• • 1 small orange, sliced thin then in half.

• • 1 small lemon, sliced thin then cut in half.

• • 1 small lime, sliced thin then cut in half.

• • 12 mint leaves.


Mix the red wine, Baileys, Cointreau, brandy, citrus juices, and sugar in a large pitcher. Refrigerate overnight.

Cut up into small cub shapes 3 peaches, nectarines, and add a few fresh raspberries or small strawberries these will add delicious flavours extra to this wonderful refreshing Sangria,fruit chocolato punch.

Immediately before serving, add plenty of ice cubes, then the club soda or 7up,along with the orange, lemon, and lime slices.

Serves 6 persons.

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