Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs.

Crack one or two eggs into a plastic bowl, mix with a little (one or two table spoons) full of skimmed milk, a little salt and pepper.

Microwave it full power about 20 seconds depending on the microwave's until, you the contents see it start to rise and change from liquid.

Stop the microwave take it out and stir it thoroughly and put it back for the same amount of time,take it out, stir it again until it is fluffy and separated then serve on your wholemeal toast.

Easy diabetic breakfast recipes for type 2 healthy diets are just sensible foods most of us eat without considering them to be part of a special diet.


Depending on your dietary requirements balances there are many simple additions you can include if you require more food for your breakfast.

If you require more carbohydrates you could add a small can of beans with tomato sauce into a plastic container a heat it up in the microwave for a couple of minutes or you can do the same with a can of spaghetti for that added carbohydrate.

Potato Cakes can be heated up very quickly and go well with scrambled eggs.

If you require more protein you could microwave a couple of rashers of bacon or ham which is more denser,you could even open a small tin of say steak or meat already cook in gravy if you diet requires more protein.

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