Delicious Simple Punch Recipes

Delicious floating cheerful and orange Island Punch.

Simple punch recipes like this non alcoholic punch is ideal for weddings,baby showers or for just a very nice thirst quenching summer drink,punch recipes like this one are so easy to make and have a great taste.

If you wish to add some alcohol 350cl of Bacardi or white rum will compliment this punch without overwhelming all the other flavours

Ingredients for this easy punch recipe.

• 2 cups water.

• 2 cups white sugar.

• 1 hand full of fresh mint leaves.

• 1 (12 fluid ounce) pack frozen lemonade concentrate.

• 1 (12 fluid ounce) pack frozen orange juice concentrate.

• 1 pint orange sherbet.

• 1 lire ginger ale.

• 1 lire carbonated water.

• 1 small jar maraschino cherries take out the cherries and freeze these separately for 24 hrs before preparing this punch keeping the liquid in the jar.

• 1 orange, sliced in rounds freeze the slices separately 24hrs first.

• 24 ice cubes.

Method and directions

1. Into a pan pour a large cup of water adds the sugar and boils until it becomes syrup. (Let cool this thickened liquid cool down.).

2. In a punch bowl combine all the following ingredients, lemonade, orange juice, ginger ale, and carbonated water.

3. Mix in the sugar syrup.

5. Add all the sherbet and mix in gently.

6. Just before serving add the mint leaves.

7. Finally add in cherry juice along with the frozen cherries orange slices these will float on the surface of your delicious punch.

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