Special Dinners

Special Dinners

We have listed Easy Special Dinners, Evening Meals for both those who have type2 diabetes and for those who can eat almost anything.

We will continue to introduce to add new recipes on this site( so check us out regularly for new easy meal ideas) with special dinners and other special meals you can cook and enjoy whether you have type2 diabetes or not and list them similar to the popular chicken breast meal below.

Easy Chicken Breast is another of our Special Meals and various ideas that are simple to prepare that are linked to other chicken recipes to enjoy.

There are Chicken Breasts Kiev type dishes are very popular and so easy to prepare,the chicken breasts are breasts slit and stuffed with various ingredients eg different

Then just baked them in the oven accompanied by any style of pasta with a simple creamy sauce with perhaps some wild mushrooms for added flavour makes this dish just absolutely delicious.

For more great recipes check out "Recipes For Divine Living". Andrea is sharing her favorite desserts, main dishes, side dishes, sauces, sandwiches, drinks and much more. Many have been handed down through her family or given to her by friends, others are from the restaurant she owned.

banana cake

Dorena has a wonderful site with great banana recipes such as Scones, Tarts, Pies and Puddings,deserts that can put a delightful finish to a superb meal.

Try this Easy Chickenbreasts Creamy Pasta Cheese sauce

Check out these easy Special Dinners.

Easy Dinner Recipes - Quick, Healthy, Simple & Romantic Dinner Recipes - Quick and easy dinner recipes are a great way to prepare wholesome food in no time at all. You just need the right equipment, the requisite ingredients and the barest of time to create great pots of stew and chili.

There are Slow Cooker or (Crockpot) meals that cook while you are out with all the slow cooking intense flavors blended together. They can be ready to eat when you return home.

Try this on a winters day when you return home tired and cold


Special Dinner,Evening meals that are easy to prepare and simple to cook

This is a special French regional dish of Burgundy.

Special Evening, Meal, Beef Bourguignon

Whether you are thinking of a Special Evening meal for two or a meal for friends, consider Beef Bourguinon it is relatively easy to prepare fairly straight forward to cook and difficult to ruin.

If there is any kind hold up on the evening or delay or your guests are late, its difficult to spoil( within reason of course),and one of the great feature of this dish is it can be prepared well beforehand.

No one would know if it had not been cooked fresh and specially for the guests,but if it has been prepared and frozen before the special occasion,remember to cook any accompanying extra vegetables freshly this makes for a great impression on the guests.

The special evening dinners like beef bourguignon do not have to be reserved for weekends for us,because we always make a little more more and freeze a portion or two as reserves you can just grab from the freezer when the necessity arises.

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These are famous and basically original French regional dish of Burgundy famous for its wines but also for some great local speciality dishes,some like this one.

A special dinner can be simple it does not have to be time consuming and you do not need to spend hours shopping,this is simple it is basically a stew cooked in a pot in the oven.

The French make most food preparation a joint effort between a couple booth helping in various ways and they have made eating into an art form.

If you are ever fortunate to be invited to a lunch with a french family it is an experience to be remembered,and you will not need another main meal that day,in fact you will probably still be eating in the evening(one good tip is pace yourself.

There is usually is much conversation and discussions generally during the meal about how good the meat was or what a superb flavour the veg added to the meal and so on.

During a French Special Dinner you will offered almost forced to eat from a vast choice of cheeses and it would be an insult to your hosts to refuse,as they have probably spent ages deciding which cheese would be best for the occasion this is before you get offered a pudding (Desert).

After that you will probably get offered something from ancient looking bottle that the hosts uncle made so take care it will like liquid fire.

So will end a almost perfect day but don't try walking on your own or swimming without your lifebelt attached first?


Special Dinners INGREDIENTS

Beef, Bacon, Red Wine, Mushrooms & Herbs.

4 rashers about 4/6 ozs Streaky Bacon sliced into thin lengths.

3 tbsp of Olive Oil into a large casserole dish.

2 lb Lean Stewing Steak - Cut into 2 inch (5cm) chunks.


2 diced Carrot.

2 Sliced Onion.

1/2 tsp Salt.

1/4 tsp Black Pepper.

1 oz Plain Flour.

1 pints (750ml) cheap Red Wine.

Beef Bourg

/2 pint (250(ML) Beef Stock.

1 tbsp Tomato Puree.

11/2 Garlic Clove Mashed.

1/2 tsp dried Thyme.

1 Bay Leaf.

20 Small Onions or Shallots Peeled.

2 oz Butter.

2 tbsp of Olive Oil.

8oz Button Mushrooms 4oz mixed dried mushrooms.

Parsley, Rosemary sprigs for decoration.

COOKING METHOD for this special dinner

Preheat the oven to 450F (230C, Mark 8).

Add your ingredients into a large Casserole dish heat up the Olive Oil and cook the Bacon strips until seared and lightly brown.

Spoon them out onto a plate and pour all the remaining oil into a bowl.

Re-heat that remaining Oil and Bacon Fat in a frying pan until the liquid is very hot - almost smoking.

Add the cubes of Beef, in batches, and fry them until they are brown on all sides. Spoon these out and place in the bowl alongside the Bacon strips.

Now add the Sliced Carrots and Sliced Onions and fry briefly while constantly stirring. When done, pour or spoon out any excess fat.

Add the Beef and Bacon back into the Casserole dish. Add the Salt & Pepper and shake everything well.

Sprinkle Plain Flour on the contents and shake again.

Put the Casserole dish uncovered into the oven on the middle shelf and baked for 3/4 minutes.

Give the contents a stir with the spatula and return for another 3/4 minutes.

Now reduce the oven temperature to 325F (160C, Mark 3).

Pour on the Red Wine and enough Beef Stock to just cover the meat. Add in the Tomato Puree, Herbs and then Garlic.

Bring to boil on the stove then put the casserole dish top on and place back into the oven for 3 to 4 hours.

While this is cooking prepare the Shallots and Mushrooms.

Heat up the Butter & 1 tbsp of the Olive Oil in a small pan as soon as it starts to bubble add in your Onions or Shallots.

Gently fry them over a medium heat for around 8/12 minutes until they appear soft and brown in colour- occasionally stirring them so that they brown then do the same again with the all Mushrooms.

When the meat is soft and tender sieve the liquid into a saucepan. Put the sieved contents the Bacon, Carrots and Onions with the beef back into the Casserole dish, Add in the cooked Onions / Shallots /n Mushrooms.

Any excess fat remaining on the sieved liquid in the saucepan should be removed. With the liquid left boil and reduce down to the level where the sauce is not to thick.

Pour the sauce over the meat and vegetables.

Cover the Casserole and simmer for around 3 minutes, stirring the meat with the juices several times.

When ready decorate with the Herbs Sprigs and serve immediately from the Casserole.

Serve your simple but special dinner with New Potatoes boiled or as a special treat,and pan fry the new boiled potatoes in a little olive for 2/3 minutes just until they brown a little and are just starting to get crispy.

A special dinner for 2 or more enjoy it with an inexpensive Red wine but aged in wooden barrels

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