Summer Punch

Summer Punch

Most holiday punch recipes are extremely easy to make this sangria based punch and very affordable as well.

It only has 5 ingredients, but each of these ingredients has a great deal of flavour making it one of the most popular.

This easy to create punch recipe is great for any party that needs an easy to make,for the friends and family or a party.

Tips make your ice cubes from different coloured fruit juices with added water.

Different colour combinations will make for that extra eye appeal.

Ingredients to make this refreshing punch.

• 1 pint of ginger ale.

• 1 -75cl bottler red wine (Spanish is optional)

• 1 pint of softened lemon sherbet.

• 1 pint of cranberry juice cocktail.

• 1 pint pineapple juice.

• cubes of ice.

• 12 fresh mint leaves.

Fresh seasonal fruit (peaches, nectarines cut into small pieces and a handful of raspberries add delicious flavours to this wonderful summer beverage.


First ensure all your liquid contents have been well chilled.

Place large scoops of the softened lemon sherbet into a large punch bowl.

Once you have scooped the sherbet in, add the cranberry and pineapple juice and mix gently before adding the red wine.

Once the contents have been thoroughly mixed,finally add all the ginger ale as well as the ice and the fruit, garnish each glass with mint leaves.

This wonderful colourful punch is ready to be enjoyed with friends and family,it is a great party drink to just sip and enjoy.

Serve in long glasses beverage is ready to serve right away.

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