Type2 Self Care,Dont Change your Life,Change your Life style.

Self Care for type 2 diabetes

Type2 Self care is the basic part of a health daily life for type 2 diabetes.

It is all about developing your own self control,self awareness of your your inner self and how you feel as well as your outer self.

Have you noticed or are there any little changes in how you feel that perhaps that need further examination, and are you being prepared to take responsibility for your own actions in particular your own healthy and well-being.

Self care incorporates your own eating behaviour and your own control every day to maintain an active and good level of physical and mental fitness, being aware of your own health and the care you must take to try to prevent illness or accidents.

Even minor injuries can involve further complications, in particular, examining your feet regularly to ensure even minor injuries do not go unnoticed.

Here is one true example of one man’s routine visit to his doctor and his examination which revealed he had a drawing pin embedded in one foot and the patient had been totally unaware of because had lost some feeling in his feet.

Frequent self examination is required when living with any long term conditions you can benefit enormously have less anxiety less pain or depression and have a better quality of life and be more active and independent.

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