Easy Whole Chicken Recipes

Whole chicken recipes for the best slow cooking.

>Simple mouth-watering chicken recipes using this fundamental slow cooking process for making tender and succulent meals.

This slow cooking or Crockpot method can be improved using some of the many exotic herbs and spices from faraway places, but we have used this basic cooking method from great grandmothers time to the present and is difficult to better.

We prepare using home grown herbs and fresh root vegetables for this wholesome tasty meal which you can eat just cooked or freeze in portions for later,a good natural meal you can always enjoy.

Cooking Time for whole chicken recipes slow cooked:

4 hours 30 mins.

This easy recipe can be adapted to suit your requirements or whatever root vegetables are left in your cupboard and will compliment using almost any root vegetables.

White wine can be changed for red wine,and stock cubes can be substituted for natural chicken stock.

If you wish to change the chicken for duck or any fowl the cooking times will vary a little depending on the weight of your prime ingredient.

If you require some further help or tips to vary using some exotic flavors contact us at the About Us page.

Ingredients for whole chicken recipes slow cooked,

Servings: Four

1 2kg chicken piece (whole chicken which is still on the bone).

2 4 slices bacon, finely chopped.

3 4 large wild mushrooms,sliced in quarters.

4 4 large cups potato, diced 1inch pieces.

5 1 large cup white wine.

6 1 large cup chicken stock.

7 1/4 cup cream (sour cream/creme frais can be used instead).

8 Fresh ground black pepper and sea salt add to taste.

9 8 carrots sliced or whole (top and tail them.

10 2 tbsp of dried mixed herbs.

11 3 tbsp of butter or olive oil.

Directions for whole chicken recipes slow cooked:

Preheat your cooker to 180 degrees

1. Add the butter or olive oil in a large pan then pour into a small jug or poring container.

2 Place the whole chicken into your slow cooker with half the butter or olive oil turning the chicken frequently until surface areas start to turn a golden brown.

3 Fry bacon until almost crisp, pour from the small jug pour over the butter to cover the chicken or rub on olive oil to keep the chicken moist before adding the bacon strips to chicken breast area.

4 Add a little butter or olive oil to the frying pan.

5 Lightly fry mushrooms until just cooked (I add the pepper and a little salt to the mushrooms as they are cooking); then add them to the cooker with the chicken.

6 After mushrooms have been transferred from pan to the slow cooker.

7 Add diced potatoes to a hot frying pan then stir until the potatoes cubes are a light golden brown then in add the herbs for about a minute just to mix the herbs to the potatoes.

8 Add the all the contents to the slow cooker and mix around the chicken gently before adding the chicken stock and wine.

9 Cooked in oven or auto slow cooker on a low temperature for 4 1/2 hours.

10 Half an hour before you intend to serve turn oven up to high to moderate heat and then add the cream or crème frais to your slow cooker cream to casserole dish.

12 If the gravy or source in the cooker requires a little thickening stir in gently a little corn flour to cream to thicken sauce as you like it.

Serving suggestions:

Lightly boil two cups of fresh broccoli florets, and some chopped celery sticks, but only boil until crisp to balance against the well cooked other vegetables.

Warm fresh crust bread is ideal.

If you like a glass of something with a meal finish off the chilled light dry white wine to compliment this easy tasty dish.

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