Yoghurt Fruit Dip Recipes

Yoghurt Fruit Dip recipes.

There are many recipes for yoghurt fruit dips, the skill is to choose a dip recipe to add a balancing flavour that will complement the platter of fruits not overwhelm the taste of the fruit.

If you use a fruit based yoghurt for the base of a dip you can dilute most strong flavours as much as you wish with unflavoured Greek yoghurt or Crème Fraiche which produces, richer tasting version of sour cream; the correct mixture structure has to take into account the sweetness of the fruit you wish to serve and balance.

There are a number of flavours you can use to compliment this light appetizing dip, such as marshmallow, crème cream cheese lemon.


• 196 g marshmallow crème.

• 196g crème fraich.

• 224 g cream cheese, softened.

• 30 ml frozen pinapple juice thawed concentrate.


1. Into a serving bowl, mix together marshmallow crème, cream cheese, and pinapple juice.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours and serve well chilled.

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